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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

UFO Odd(s) and End(s)?

Rummaging through recent UFO downloads, I came across a paper by Kalamazoo professor [aka The Progfessor] Michael Swords, my favorite ā€“ after me ā€“ UFO geezer.

The paper is A Guide to UFO Research and may be accessed here:

Looking for a photo of Professor Swords, I thought Iā€™d use Google Images and typed in UFO geezers (as I had recently placed a photo of a geezer gaggle online in this blog, a photo of a meeting at Professor Swords house and UFO inner sanctum).

I was stunned by all the images that popped up ā€“ most from our many blogs and online excursions over the years: pictures of people (Bruce Duensing, Kevin Randle, me, et al.) and obscurities of various kinds.

This is from a constant repetition of ours: Socorro:


But then this logo! Not from us, but very interesting, is it not?


This is a contemporary logo, not used in a 1964 time-frame as far as I can tell.

If you are interested in UFO detritus, ours mostly, go to Google Images, type in UFO Geezers and have at it.



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