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Friday, July 19, 2013

Scientology is no religion, and Ufology is not science

The Ufology Society International provides a rational overview of what "ufology" is or isn't.

Click HERE for the site and its clarification(s).

The term "ufology" should be scrapped. It has acquired encrustations that make it a joke.

Also, some UFO notables should take a back seat now; that is, they should operate under the radar, as their presence and/or pronouncements have undermined UFOs, almost as much as news media has.

The news media, by overlaying UFO reports with a giggle, have undermined the  phenomenon and study of it much more than the errant UFO researchers and quacks, but the persons sycophan- tically adored by UFO buffs (Friedman, Clark, even Vallee, among others) have denigrated the topic by their pushy biases that have no stature in science or even hypothetical processing.

UFOs have a ring of nuttiness, as those reading this well know.

There is no way to escape that, so one who wishes to be seen by his or her social partners as normal or a rational being has to keep a low UFO profile or be subject to subliminal (or sometimes overt) opprobrium.

UFOs (or ufology) are a secret vice, an irrational hobby for those disenchanted by life's everyday struggles and insanity.

Moreover, UFO aficionados (myself included) should examine their addiction to the UFO vice. Is it a healthy mental exercise?

What is the attraction? UFOs have no practical value. Even if an explanation was forthcoming for the phenomenon, what would that provide in the way of practical living endeavors? Little or nothing, one has to objectively admit.

But since society has accepted the idea that scientology is a religion, maybe ufology will attain, eventually, its own similar, societal imprimatur.

Ha! Who am I kidding?

It ain't ever gonna happen.

Ufology is moribund, near death, and UFOs, the phenomenon, is not far behind.



  • RR:

    yada, yada, yada.... and a rose by any other name....

    ...or: 'who put the tribbles in the quadrotriticale?'

    Buck up, Lad!

    'UFOlogy' is simply a dopey, likely MUFON-created meme...

    ...worrying about labels or tarnished reputations has no actual connection to over half a century of really strange accounts told by some regular folks.....

    By Blogger Chuck Finley, at Saturday, July 20, 2013  

  • If the zeitgeist continues to shift more and more quickly we may well live to see the children and grandchildren of the UFO phenomenon...but I'm not sure that they're going the way of the dodo. People who place Flying Saucers in the pantheon of trixters (like Vallee, who deserves his name in proximity to the word science more than the rest of the lot even if he is pushy about his PoV) often make the mistake of classifying them as an evolution that replaced earlier, more primitive, interpretations of phenomenon paranormal or otherwise.

    It's frankly an offensive viewpoint, but without belaboring the political moralizing let me simply point out that in most of this planets cultures fairies, hags, goblins, spirits, witches, and all the rest are still alive and well. UFO's will likely join that list even if most of the devotees are lost to age or conversion.

    On a related note, you might find its easier to interact with people from those cultures on the subject of our shared interest without the social stigmatization you're so very right about spoiling the mix.

    By Blogger TSH, at Saturday, July 20, 2013  

  • CF and TSH:

    The UFO phenomenon (or whatever it is) has been tainted by tarnished people and their now tarnished reputations, and the applied labels used by those people have flummoxed how one can interact with the
    "phenomenon" seriously or even casually.

    Sure, CF, strange things have been seen, by normal folks (mostly) but the oddball interlopers have made their observations more than moot; they have made those observations the butt of jokes, so that no one who hears about or reads about those observations takes them seriously.

    Like scientology, ufology is viewed as a quack "discipline" practiced by those who live at the fringe of real human life, ignoring the vicissitudes of human behavior so that they don't have to act morally or responsibly in society.

    UFO buffs are, by and large, a kooky lot, with little to commend them as members of the human race.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, July 20, 2013  

  • "The UFO phenomenon (or whatever it is) has been tainted by tarnished people and their now tarnished reputations..." Right. Tarnished organizations run by tarnished people have done their share of damage too.

    For instance, "Ufology is not science," as stated in the title of the post, is apparently and adamantly disagreed with by Jan Harzan of MUFON. According to the Las Vegas Sun, Harzan rather astonishingly stated that ufology and science are "one in the same":


    Not surprisingly, however, previous attempts were unsuccessful to get Harzan to be specific about his peculiar assessments. Efforts were ignored to hold him accountable for how MUFON, a group supposedly dedicated to scientific research, could showcase and promote Barbara Lamb's proclamations ET-human hybrids were "real and they are here." Those who would like to read more may do so at:


    Such goings ons are but one example of many. Other than no accountability, little actuality and nonscientific activities blatantly and willfully misrepresented as scientific, ufology is in a fine state.

    By Blogger Jack Brewer, at Saturday, July 20, 2013  

  • The underlying dynamic is the momentum created by the actual and scientific Dream Team of McDonald, Hynek and Vallee has slowed to a crawl, and fools jump in where angels fear to tread, filling the vacuum with junk, landfill material, leftovers, belief systems, empty vague insinuations based on grafted anthropomorphism, seasoned with titillation.
    As Cronkite would have said, "..And that's the way it is" or Vonnegut, "And so it goes."
    Most of it belongs in a booth at a Comic Book Convention like the Roswell Festival. One could smirk at our primitive tribal culture if one were not a member. It's stuck in the 1950's just by counting the amount of lien invasion films that are genetically tied to The Blob that remain popular. Another hallmark is the now common warning among those who still remain interested in the phenomenon.."Don't take it too seriously." Quite the turnabout since the actual Dream Team vanished or walked away with the same disgust we seem to express as a choir. Soon, I suspect even the repetition of expressing disgust will grow old, as we age, we ask, What is it exactly we are waiting for?"

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Saturday, July 20, 2013  

  • Technology is America’s religion. We worship it like some cargo cult in the South Pacific worshiped crashed and rusting WW II fighter planes. We began to leave God behind sometime before that war in the early years of the 20th Century (though Time Magazine didn’t announce the Buy Guy's demise until the 1960s) and have never looked back.

    What’s dysfunctional about our technology worship is that as a society we are so blind to the fact that it has become our spiritual “home” and touchstone as well as the lens through which we filter all experience and perceptions. We know we love it, yet fail to recognize that it controls our thoughts and actions (I think I’ll Tweet that).

    No surprise that the ETH/UFO cult was born at the beginning of a rapid growth in this technology worship (with Roswell eventually becoming the cult’s “crucifixion” event). At that point in US history we had just won a war with a weapon straight out of pulp science fiction and space exploration was already being proposed with the development and testing of bigger and better versions of Germany’s V-2 rockets.

    Meanwhile, the commercial side of American life, freed from the constraints of war production, saw both a renaissance and boom in personal products R&D that led to everything from the expansion of television (a technology that had been around for awhile) to microwave ovens.

    Technology was going to make our lives heaven right here on earth, and with that concept we were brainwashed in a continual bombardment of advertising, ironically a lot of it on television.

    So we came to fervently believe that the solutions to all life’s problems as well as the answers to all its mysteries were in technology (the right technology, advanced to the right degree). Thus, if people were seeing strange things in the sky and it looked like sometimes they might be landing or on the ground, the explanation must lie in that which we’d come to expect to be the Universal Answer, technology.

    Since the governments and military of the world denied these ephemera were caused by machines designed and built at their behest (although likely many of them were), it was concluded by a minority that the technology behind the phenomena (and technology it must be; forget any undiscovered natural phenomena) had to come from Somewhere Else (cue the Twilight Zone theme music).

    The ever increasing shrill dogmatism of this minority over the years drove out more rational thinkers and it turned itself into a laughable, lunatic fringe cult (best exemplified in my mind by the two Steves; Greer and Bassett, although I could propose at least a dozen other names).

    This minority belief crept into the mainstream in the 1950s, then died back. It had brief renaissances in the 1970s and 1990s (spurred mainly by wildly popular movies and TV), but is dying back again. It always will remain a minority belief (unless, of course, a craft from Zeta Reticuli crashes into a Kardashian or abducts Honey Boo Boo).

    Ironically, I believe the demise of ETH/UFO belief and its cult will be brought on by our own technological advances, most likely the proliferation of sophisticated, commercial UAVs. The vast majority will become completely inured to the sight of strange objects in the sky or landing or on the ground. They simply will no longer take note of them since the answer to any mystery these objects might pose will lie in our own technology. If a minority of these objects are unexplained, nobody will recognize they are or care.

    By Blogger purrlgurrl, at Saturday, July 20, 2013  

  • > The term "ufology" should be scrapped.

    "unidentifiedaerialphenomenology" is somewhat harder to pronounce.

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Saturday, August 03, 2013  

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