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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Navy and UFOs

Our colleague Anthony Bragalia came across a posting by Michael Swords [aka The Professor], our favorite UFO geezer and an erudite researchers by any definition, referencing the overlooked (by UFO mavens) U.S. Navy association with and about UFOs.

We've harped on this topic for many years ourselves -- maybe that's where The Professor got his inspiration -- and think UFO aficionados would do well to search for substantial UFO information within the U.S. Navy's panoply of material online and off.

Click HERE for Professor Swords' take on the matter.



  • A few years ago, I wrote a very involved essay on the possibility of amphibious extraterrestrials evolving in a largely oceanic environment , much resembling a humanoid version of our own cetacean species, which corresponded to that species visual languages, their ability to paralyze prey, and various descriptions that bore a somewhat similar biological appearance. The extraction of hydrogen was another aspect, etc. Its as close as I had gotten to a cogent alternative theory. What was humorous in retrospect was that most readers thought I was referring to a mammalian fish literally. Well, gosh darn, how do they hold a hammer when a buildin if they only got fins? Argh.
    The reason I bring this up, is if there are extraterrestrials among us, I suspect this is the best fit, although I haven't convinced even myself of this completely. Thank the Gods for that. All this being said, I do think the probability of Naval encounters via the submarine fleet is locked down tighter than a drum if they do occur. No whistle blowers to back up a less detailed guess made years ago by Ivan Sanderson. Mystery radar targets were once a big deal and a headache when they were more open on the subject. I am glad you brought this up. A topic ripe for hypotheticals.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Thursday, July 18, 2013  

  • A picture is worth a thousand words.


    By Blogger Frank Stalter, at Thursday, July 18, 2013  

  • ....ACTUALLY, 'The Professor' received his inspiration from an actual hard-working technologist during debrief/brainstorm meetings with Randle and Schmitt in the early 1990s in the then CUFOS conference room.........

    By Blogger Kurt Peters, at Thursday, July 18, 2013  

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