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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Commentus Interruptus

I think I may have offended Paul Kimball by noting in my posting, the other day, about Comments here that his musical links tended to interrupt the flow of thought (or non-thought) in a line of comments about a topic.

Paul is obsessed with music, and offers links to his favorite pieces at Facebook and beyond. He's done that for some time now.

But music is such a personal thing that one has to be careful not to offer selections that others eschew for personal reasons.

I, for instance, am not a fan of current music, especially rap!

Nor am I beholden to classic rock -- the Beatles being a passing fad for me. However I do find Radiohead to be interesting or R.E.M. but that's about it.

I'm a classical music/opera buff, and want to use my ears and short time on this Earth to get as much of that sound in my psyche as possible.

My YouTube uploads are examples, even though there is an Earth Kitt moment (based on a Rachmaninoff theme) and a Christian hymn that one of our guys' [Wes] grandmother like to play on the piano and sing.

That said, let me explain my plaint about links in mid-stream of a topic's back-and-forth.

In my psych classes, we had to engage in "free association" sessions, even though the Psychology department favored B. F. Skinner's approach to therapy. Freud was still in vogue back then.

During a faux "free association" session, we were subject to door knockings and radio interruptions to show how such things interfered with a "patients" association flow.

That has always stuck with me.

When we have a debate flow here, in comments, I'd like to stay on topic -- you've all read my railings about how Kevin Randle's blog is often marred by visitors there taking control by opting to change the topic in mid-stream. Kevin begs them to stay on topic but they rudely ignore his pleas and the subject matter goes to hell.

I hope to keep that from happening at this blog (and our other blogs).

If Paul is a little angry for my bitching about his musical suggestions, then I apologize.

But even Paul has to understand that one man's music is another man's noise.

Or a link to music inside a run about UFOs is a quirky suggestion that defeats the purpose of this blog or any blog about UFOs or something non-musically oriented.

So, Paul, come back -- and give us that link to your podcast with Kevin Randle. We long to be made aware of the Dream Team's progress, and your other, non-musical edifications.



  • Why can't we just have a group hug and sing Kumbaya? Oops. A musical reference slipped out there.

    By Blogger purrlgurrl, at Thursday, August 22, 2013  

  • It's infectious apparently.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, August 22, 2013  

  • I don't click music links in an online conversation when the topic is UFOs or the paranormal. Years back I was a member of a yahoo group where the moderator was a self-identified "experiencer". I learned my lesson then about the association with music and a disparate topic regarding the potential of how disturbing it might be to the listener/reader.

    This person put up a link to '80s band - REO Speedwagon's 'I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore' where he posted his "channeled" material from what he claimed was a big alien hornet, that also identified as a demon, who abducted him and used his s**** to sire alien hornet/human hybrids. To this day, if I ever catch that song on an oldies radio station, I immediately must change the channel. ;-)

    ~ Susan

    By Blogger brownie, at Thursday, August 22, 2013  

  • A point I overlooked Susan, the emotional associations we have with music, some good, some bad.

    That could terminate one's connection with the topic or maybe enhance it, but either way, it's disruptive.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, August 22, 2013  

  • Well, music is a language of emotions ad when I read Paul's comment, I thought (personally) his comment was interesting in terms of the relationship between image, imagination and emotions are interrelated to perception as not a concreted objectification but an act of creativity so I understood his comment while not fully fleshed out as to these relationships, it came out however, as art for arts sake or at least thats how it struck me. I suspect if he would have made that connection more tangible, it might have not been considered off topic. Maybe it would. I would like to hear Paul' views ( post interview) on whats his face.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Friday, August 23, 2013  

  • Oh my...

    Busy and nothing to say about your latest postings, which I just didn't find interesting enough to comment about.

    Meanwhile, you should save the dime-store psychoanalysis for folks who need it. :-)


    By Blogger Paul Kimball, at Friday, August 23, 2013  

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