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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Inside The Real AREA 51 [a dismal review]

I received, for review, Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt’s new book, Inside The Real Area 51: The Secret History of Wright-Patterson [2013, New Page Books, Pompton Plains, NJ], which purports to prove that Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, is the “real AREA 51” where the Roswell debris and recovered extraterrestrial bodies were taken and squirreled away.

Tom Carey and Don Schmitt, as most of you know, are veteran “ufologists” and primary members of Kevin Randle’s (epitheted) “Roswell Dream Team.”

Within their book, resides much about and by our colleague Anthony Bragalia, which I’ll touch on, surely.

As for the book itself, the material therein, I am hesitant to recommend most of it.

Looking forward to reading the new effort, I was heavily disappointed by the content: a rehash or regurgitation of all the Roswell bromides and schlock that we’ve all pretty much have read and been intellectually sickened by.

The hyperbole is rampant and offputting to me, and will certainly be to moderate or objective readers:

biggest secret in the history of this country. [Page 21]

As earth-shaking as that event [Roswell] was to humankind, only a select few have ever had access to the truth. [ibid]

… for those assigned to defend and protect us. To them, the world would never be the same. From their perspective, our sovereign shores had just been obliterated[!] … That which was once relegated to the domain of science fiction was now a reality as stark as death itself. [Page23]

How tragic that that the needs of a few [The United States Force] have decided for all of humankind that such seismic news should be kept from us forever … [ibid]

Be prepared. The UFO vault is about to be opened. [ibid]

Chapter 2 The Mystery of Hangar 18 – Solved! [Page 31]

(Shall I go on?)

Then, I am distraught by a significant typo on Page 53: the originator of the infamous Roswell “flying disk” press release is cited as RAAF PIO Walter Huat [sic].

Okay, so that’s a typo, no big deal, right?

Of course, the book is replete with "witness testimony" -- persons at the edge of the Roswell event or working/living somewhere near Wright-Patterson AFB; June Crain (aka Sarah Holcomb initially, to hide her identity).

Ms. Crain said she was connected to a secret Project -- Project Caucasian -- so secret it had a higher classification than that of the H-Bomb.

Typing a memo for that Project, she said " ... it was so secret that I wasn't allowed to read the whole thing. I had a very small portion of it, I'd say a paragraph that I read and then I had to add another paragraph onto that. Then I had to take it out of the typewriter. I left a piece of carbon paper in the drawer and got in trouble over it ... To this day I don't remember what that paragraph was..." [Page 114]

James Clarkson (a MUFON investigator) then asks her, "What makes you think that Project Caucasian may have been related to the bodies?" [ibid]

She replied, "Well it was right after they brought the bodies to the base. I tried to get my direct boss to tell me what it was. And he looked at me like he was scared. I mean he looked like he was frightened, and he says, 'June, I can't talk about it.' I mean that he would not talk about it, and normally he would tell me anything I wanted to know, I even knew that he had a girlfriend." 
[Pages 114-115]

(I slog on.)

Chapter 2’s Mystery of Hangar 18 – Solved! is fraught with death bed tales from alleged workers (elevator repairmen, painters, et cetera) who claimed they saw flying saucers hanging from ceilings or bodies encased in containers, in the recessed complexes of the air base.

Sons also told the authors that their fathers saw “Aliens on Ice?” [Chapter 6]

There is the Senator Goldwater story of being prohibited by his friend General Curtis LeMay from even asking about the so-called “Blue Room” at Wright-Patterson.

“Hell no! And not only no, but if you ask again, I’ll have you court-marshaled.” (The senator was an Air Force Reserve officer in Arizona.) [Page 85]

Okay, I had had enough.

But I do want to point out that Anthony Bragalia’s research on the reputed memory-metal that made up part of the Roswell debris find gets something more than short shrift.

The authors devote Chapter 4 (Reverse-Engineering the “Memory-Metal”) to Mr. Bragalia’s efforts in locating sources that indicate some kind of study and research about  nitinol, a titanium element, with the properties of “memory” or the ability to morph into a bendable, shape-recovery status, and allegedly provided to scientists at the Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio, and other laboratories (New York University, Oak Ridge, and the Lawrence Livermore Labs in California.

(I’ve been privy to much of what Mr. Bragalia has uncovered about “memory-metal” and his contacts with those who worked on it, purportedly from the 1947 “crash” at Roswell.

The implications seem credible, and more than circumstantial.)

But that Chapter can’t save the book.

And to add intellectual insult to injury, as I see it, the final chapters really diminish any value this book may have.

Chapter 20: The Jawbone That Spoke Martian recounts an NBC documentary about a mandible that isn’t human, supposedly.

Wright-Patterson air base housed a piece of jawbone that a dental technician (John Mosgrove) was asked to analyze.

The conclusion: “No comparison can be made to any existing humans or primates.”

“The mandible is not from any creature that comes from Earth. That’s for sure.” [Page 238]

The final chapter, 21: In The Shadow of Ghosts recounts the efforts of Don Schmitt to get on to the Wright-Patterson air base with an NBC news crew, to do some filming.

The final words?

“After explaining to Don Schmitt that everyone in the base commander’s office ‘knew who you were.” “ … Don Schmitt is not getting on this base.”

The book, thus, ends not with a bang, but with a self-promoting whimper.

Yes, there are some croutons of “new” or “little-known” material, but not enough for me to tell you that this book should be in your UFO library.

But if you really need to have every UFO book extant, you can find online (Amazon) or offline bookstores.

It lists for $16.99 but can be found for less. (See Amazon)

The book is published by New Page Books, a Division of The Career Press, Inc., Pompton Plains, New Jersey.

More can be found at www.careerpress.com or www.newpagebooks.com



  • Another Roswell book? Is this some grand joke? And they can't even spell "court-martial" correctly.

    And we are to believe that LeMay actually used such words to a US senator?

    I beg you: please don't tell us that the foreword was written by good ol 'nuclear physicist' Stanton Friedman, please!

    As for Area 51 and Hangar 18, I am positive that with these two numbers you can find some sort of mathematical formula (if you search hard enough) that proves that aliens crashed at Roswell and the bodies and wreckage are indeed stored at one or both of these places.

    So start looking now. Try hard enough and you might even find a link to Aztec.

    By Blogger cda, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • If this is a prelude to the coming new Roswell story, these guys are on a "professional" suicide mission.

    Just awful stuff in this book.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • By the way, the mandible is the one discovered at Piltdown, Sussex, in c.1912.

    By Blogger cda, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • CDA wrote:

    "And we are to believe that LeMay actually used such words [court martial] to a US senator?"

    I believe at the time Goldwater had the purported conversation with LeMay, Goldwater was an officer in the US Air Force Reserve with a high security clearance and LeMay was his superior officer. (Aside from whatever civilian position Goldwater may have held).

    So, if LeMay was implying or stating that the matter was above Goldwater's clearance level and/or that Goldwater did not have a need to know, then yes, LeMay would have been perfectly within his authority to threaten Goldwater with military legal action if Goldwater did not stop nosing into the matter. In fact, if Goldwater had kept inquiring into the matter after receiving a direct order from his superior to stop, LeMay probably would have been REQUIRED to take some action.

    By Blogger Larry, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • Larry:

    You know what Barry Goldwater's temperament was.

    Can you imagine him taking such comments from LeMay or LeMay having the guts to make such a statement to the Senator?

    It stretches credulity.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • RRRGroup,

    Not good criteria for dismissing evidence in this field.

    By Blogger Ross, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • On the subject of tiresome rehashes


    Given Redfern's views on the MJ-12 documents and the issues surrounding them his name seems an odd addition to this publication.

    By Blogger Ross, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • Another year passes..More leftover junk food, more nutritiousness grist for the weak minded who follow this serialized pablum from a guy who prefers ready to wear camouflage fatigues posing with a rifle in his lap. Nothing like depositing waste when the septic tank is already filled and overflowing in the neighbor's yard. Who buys this crap?

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • Ross:

    Here is the situation: despite how the book might have been billed at Amazon, this book is not a co-authored book between me ands Bob Wood.

    As well as writing my own books, I also offer a hired service to other authors, where I ghost-write their books.

    Over the years, I have written several well known UFO books, but where the books come out under the name of the person who hired me.

    I've also ghost written books on the realtor industry, and a legal textbook on legal issues relative to people who have suffered or died as a result of exposure to asbestos in the work place.

    Most times, the ghost-writer gets an acknowledgment in the book, but not billing on the cover.

    Bob, however, chose to list my name on the cover, which I don't mind, as in the Intro I make it clear I'm the ghost-writer not a co-writer.

    As you may know, the role of a ghost-writer is to prepare a coherent and readable manuscript, for the person who is billed as the author.

    Sometimes, I have ghost-written books for people for varying reasons: they don't have the time to do it themselves; they don't feel up to the task; they aren't familiar with how to write a book or structure it, etc, so they hire someone like me to do it for them.

    They hand over all the info to me and I then turn it into a manuscript.

    That's what happened with Bob's book: he hired me - in 2006 - to write the book for him, according to his data, documentation, thoughts and conclusions. The work was completed by me in 2006 and is now available.

    It's important, for those who don't know, that a ghost-writer is VERY different to a co-author.

    Usually, co-authors are in agreement with the content, text, conclusions etc.

    A ghost-writer is simply hired to write (or tidy up) a manuscript for someone else.

    I actually point out in my Intro to the book that I am the ghost-writer, and that this is Bob's story, not mine.

    By Blogger Nick Redfern, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • RR wrote:
    "You know what Barry Goldwater's temperament was.

    Can you imagine him taking such comments from LeMay or LeMay having the guts to make such a statement to the Senator?"

    Absolutely. I know Goldwater's temperament, but I also know LeMay's.

    He's the guy who invented the firebombing of Japan. At one point he ran the Strategic Air Command and "owned" all their nuclear bombers. He's the archetype for Dr. Strangelove type characters, who reveled in planning for global thermonuclear war. He's the guy who stood up to the President during the Cuban missile crisis because in his view Kennedy was too weak to bomb Cuba, the way LeMay wanted.

    In 1963, the time of the purported conversation, LeMay was, I believe, a 4 star General and the Chief of Staff of the Air Force--the highest rank possible within a branch of the Military. Goldwater never rose above 2 stars.

    LeMay would not have been intimidated by the fact that Goldwater was a Senator and he outranked him in the military. Goldwater certainly would have bristled at being lectured by LeMay, but there was nothing he could do about it. LeMay held all the cards.

    By Blogger Larry, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • Nick,

    Thanks very much for the insight into the publishing world and the authorship area. I simply had no idea how this was done.

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • The story is apocryphal.

    Two-star or four-star, Neither Goldwater would have kowtowed to LeMay nor would LeMay try to cow Goldwater.

    Let's assume that LeMay knew there were things at Wright-Patterson which were secreted for the good of the nation.

    Would he use remarks that confirm that, in their own harsh way?

    It stretches credulity, Larry, that's all, even if it's true.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • I concur with Larry's assessment of LeMay.

    If there had been a SAC bible, it's Book of Genesis would have the passage, "Let us make a command in the image of myself...And thus he did so and he saw that it was good."

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • Com' on fellows. You're being obtuse.

    LeMay had nowhere the public cachet of Goldwater.

    Court-martial Barry Goldwater? It's ludicrous on the face of it.

    LeMay may have been a S.O.B. but he was an ass.

    He couldn't do a thing to Goldwater, and get away with it.

    Moreover, they were friends.

    The exchange challenges credulity, no matter how you guys try to spin it.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • Hey Tim

    Yes, there is writing, co-writing, ghost-writing and more besides.

    I have a lot of friends in the ghost-writing field, and, just like me, they are often assigned to projects they (a) have no interest in; or (b) do not agree with the author's conclusions.

    But, a lot of people don't realize the concept that the ghost-writer is not hired to endorse the views of the author. The ghost-writer is there to make the book as readable as possible - and that's all.

    In short, ghost-writing is a job that requires zero passion for the subject-matter. Of course, it's better if you are interested in the subject, but it's certainly not vital.

    But, that's like all jobs. There are aspects of my job as a writer I enjoy and there are aspects that are simply work and assignments as a writer and as a ghost-writer that I view as work and absolutely nothing else.

    By Blogger Nick Redfern, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • I'm just waiting for Nick to ghost-write a book by a ghost about other ghosts. That would be awesome!

    By Blogger Paul Kimball, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • Well it seems that Tim has managed to take the topic away from the content of the book or its review, to the matter of what is writing, in all its aspects.

    Sometimes I hate you guys!


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • What's to say about the book, Rich? Schmitt hasn't had any credibility since his lying about his background was exposed, and anyone who associates with him suffers as a result (including your cherished Mr. Bragalia). The stories on offer are simply re-hashes of the "same old, same old" - hardly worth the effort to type in a response.

    Frankly, the only thing of interest out of all of this has been Nick's description of how his ghost writing gigs work. Otherwise, to borrow one of your lines, it is soporific and lugubrious. ;-)


    By Blogger Paul Kimball, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • Rich,I doubt that LeMay would have court-martial Goldwater. I agree that's ludicrous.

    They were both cut from the same cloth. Saw the world thru the same set of eyes. Plus Goldwater had other avenues to get the information he sought, if he really wanted to.

    Did not Goldwater tell this story in a humorous light?

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • You make a point Paul.

    But I'd like to see a pile-on, just so these guys get the message: their efforts are without value and sinking them further in the mire of opprobrium.

    Going astray from the pile-on is akin to ignoring a fist-fight to watch a moth fly up to a streetlamp.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • "Well it seems that Tim has managed to take the topic away from the content of the book or its review, to the matter of what is writing, in all its aspects."

    Rich...I'm truly sorry...I'll do better next time...promise.

    Nick had an interesting comment that expanded my little universe and as such I acknowledge his comment.

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • "I'm just waiting for Nick to ghost-write a book by a ghost about other ghosts. That would be awesome!"

    No, that would be just very confusing!

    By Blogger Nick Redfern, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • Nick,

    Like this comment section isn't confused already?


    You get easily distracted, but I forgive you....this time.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • Back on track...I do appreciate your review, but personally wouldn't have bought it anyways.

    As you listed the major contents/focal points, Bruce was most correct in his analysis...worse than warmed over hash. Simply nothing new to reveal to the masses.

    Cash cows to be milked on a yearly basis?

    The Martian Jawbone? An eye opener as many will view this as an archaeological wonder rather than asking if any analysis was conducted to find trace evidence of plaster.

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • Yes, Tim, the mandible was tested exhaustively, even broken at one point and put back together by dental technician Mosgrove, who was "convinced" of its alien nature.

    The hyperbolic account in the book astounds; it is overly dramatic and punchy....sensationalized to make a point that belies the reality.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • You might find the following of interest and relevance. It's an article I wrote some time ago on another case involving Goldwater, a possible hidden secret, and Goldwater's anticipation of being told to go "to the Devil" for asking questions:


    By Blogger Nick Redfern, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • You must remember that any current book, on Roswell or area 51 or anything else, is written primarily for the younger generation, not us oldies who have read it all ad nauseum.

    The writers are of the 'older' generation but the intended readers are new boys (and new girls) who relish in this sort of thing. Hence they are quite prepared to lap up anything that has a 'conspiracy' ring to it, aided and abetted by reviewers who are happy to go along with it.

    Yes it is all really tiresome 'old hat', but to the newcomers and fencesitters it sounds great. So we may presume it is this latter crowd that Schmitt and Carey are aiming at. They are not out to convince the skeptics and they do not need to convince the diehard ET crowd.


    You mention Schmitt's fall from grace a while back. How many of the intended readership would even be aware of this?

    By Blogger cda, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • CDA:

    Are there any really, hip young people interested in UFOs or the esoteric Roswell?

    UFO newbies would likely see Roswell as a grandma tale, wouldn't they?

    If the Kevin boys think they're going to capitalize on the Facebook/Twitter generation, they are in for a rude financial surprise.

    (I really know little about Schmitt or his past, but I hear that he has a scarlet UFO on his chest-wear.)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, August 07, 2013  

  • ...Schmitt is not now, nor ever has been a writer....

    ...in the present case, the turgid prose can be solely blamed on the grammatical styling of one Tommy 'Yum,Mashed Potstoes' Carey

    By Blogger Kurt Peters, at Thursday, August 08, 2013  

  • Scarlet UFO info:




    By Blogger valransone, at Thursday, August 08, 2013  

  • "Are there any really, hip young people interested in UFOs or the esoteric Roswell?"

    Yeah. We have our own blogs and forums way too bleeding edge for you guys to know about. Shooooo wee and we're constantly having ultra-specific knowledge generating conversations... free of pedantry and immune to errant trains of thought.


    C'mon were hep cats ever into this stuff? I don't think it was the cool kids that used to buy Palmer pulps or flock out to Giant Rock every year. That book isn't for the youth market, it's just for the market.

    Tony Baloney needs to step up to the plate and do a full treatment of his nitinol research and stop letting hacks and profiteers piggy-back off his insight and chutzpah. It's time for him to start thinking and acting like someone who might have something important to say instead of a businessman assessing risk vs. reward.

    By Blogger TSH, at Thursday, August 08, 2013  

  • I really like the grand humor being displayed here with all the relevant nitpicking being so grandly displayed I almost did not feel inclined to speculate on the importance of getting this alien ET visitation problem completely out in the open and under intense review by every establishment of higher research on our good earth my good fellow human beings.This ET PROBLEM IS THE GREATEST SINGLE SUBJECT ON MANKINDS PLATE. WHO ARE THEY WHERE DO THEY ACTULLY COME FROM WHAT DO THEY WANT FROM MANKIND?

    By Blogger Mark Moore, at Monday, July 07, 2014  

  • Thev conversation between LaMay and Eisenhower occurred and yes LaMay said the cited words to Eisenhower. I've read the citation in more than a dozen sources about the Goldwater. As for what it all means I won't venture a guess.

    By Blogger Roger H Werner, at Saturday, March 26, 2016  

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