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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Little Blue Man [January 28, 1967]

Scanning David Richie's 1994 book, UFO...(noted here many times), I came across an odd account on Page 125 about a group of United Kingdom children espying a "little blue man" in a dell near their school on January 28th ,1967.

Googling "little blue man," I found this account at:


The Little Blue Man
On January 28th back in 1967, some young friends, aged between ten and eleven years, were playing near the Dell at Studham.

A footpath leads to the Dell, which is like a small overgrown valley, surrounded by bushes and trees beside Studham Common. It had been raining earlier but now the sky had cleared.

As the boys chattered, suddenly a flash of lightning struck nearby. One of the boys, Alex Butler, who was a little way ahead of the others, stopped in surprise when he reached the edge of the bank above the Dell. For standing near some bushes, at the foot of the opposite bank, about twenty yards away, was “a little blue man.”

For a moment or two, Alex stared at this curious stranger in amazement, before shouting to his friends to come and look. They too stopped in bewilderment.

The little blue man was about three feet tall, with a tall hat or helmet, which added to his height, and he glowed blue all over. He had two round eyes, a strange flat triangle instead of a nose, and his arms, which were short, were held at his side and did not appear to move.

His blue beard was forked, the two parts running down each side of his chest. The strange little man wore a one-piece suit, again of a glowing blue with a black belt; in front of the buckle was a black box, about six inches square.

As the boys got near to where he was standing, a strange whirring cloud of yellow-blue mist moved towards them and, in an instant, the strange little man vanished! As their eyes searched the Dell, they spotted him again. This time they also heard strange babbling voices. Were there more strange little blue men hidden in the undergrowth?

Twice more, as the boys tried to approach him, the little blue man disappeared into a puff of yellow-blue mist! Then the boys heard the sound of the school bell and rushed off in great excitement to tell their teacher, Mrs. Newcomb, everything they had seen and heard. After listening to their story, their teacher made them write it all down and made sure there was no copying.

On March 3rd, 1967, the Dunstable Gazette ran a short article on the little blue man and that led to a reporter, from the Flying Saucer Review, interviewing the boys and gathering all the details together.
Who or what was the little blue man?

Some people felt the boys had imagined it all. However, the boys' teacher felt sure they had been telling the truth and that the unusual incident had really happened. U.F.O. investigators suggested that the black box could have been a receiver and the forked beard some kind of breathing apparatus. However, no U.F.O. sightings were reported in the area at that time.

There was more at:


What a weird, queer story.

Since it seems unlikely [sic] that a set of children would have a folie a cinq or group hallucination, or that a hoax was perpetuated, the story intrigues.

What is the significance of the lightning bolt, which seems to have precipitated the event?

Is this a Caravaca "Distortion" scenario? (I don't think so.)

What do you British blokes (Redfern, CDA) make of this?



  • Good Morning Rich,

    Read your post with interest.

    There appears to have been numerous blue man sightings back in 1958 (Michigan) with vague similarities, but proven as a hoax.


    The pranksters were inspired by a popular song of that time by Betty Johnson, "The Little Blue Man" and later performed by Doris Day.

    I know that there is an 8 year gap, yet wonder if the kids involved in your example could have been influenced by the song. This would only be relevant if the possibility existed that any, or all, of the children had heard a recording or radio broadcasting of the song.

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Sunday, September 01, 2013  

  • Very interesting Tim,

    The song's time-frame and popularity fits, and it was sung by a variety of people and groups.

    Brits might know how popular it was in England,

    That a song might evoke such a dynamic "incident" -- by a gaggle of kids, invites speculation about what mental gyrations would be at work.

    Can music -- Paul? -- provoke a UFO or paranormal incident?

    This opens the door to another area for study or investigation maybe.

    The hoaxed sightings you note, Tim, were oddly configured but lacked the weird accoutrements of this "sighting" -- the naivete as it were.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, September 01, 2013  

  • Rich, what I had found interesting about the hoax angle for the 1958 stories was that the three individuals were inspired by the song and the then "saucer craze" that had grabbed hold of the country.

    True, the hoax lacked the weird traits of the Dell story, but we can further ask if the children had heard of the Michigan account prior.

    If we combined the possibility of the knowledge of both the "little blue man" hoax and the song itself, then things become even more curious.

    BTW, one wonders what was being taught that week by their school instructor prior to the event...

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Sunday, September 01, 2013  

  • I doubt Tim that the Brit kids heard of the hoaxed blue man sightings; it's a possibility but a stretch, the hoax story appearing nine years earlier.

    The problem lies in the dearth of details, such as "what was being taught that week by the teacher."

    It's not a sighting that one should pursue seriously, but invites comparison to other similar sightings, hoaxed and otherwise.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, September 01, 2013  

  • Having known about this case for quite a while, I decided to revisit it a year ago and research it. I found one of the eyewitnesses, asked questions and received replies.

    My report of my research findings and the interview will appear in an issue of Fortean Times.

    Best regards,

    Theo Paijmans

    By Blogger theo paijmans, at Sunday, September 01, 2013  

  • Thank you Theo...

    Let us know when it's published.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, September 01, 2013  

  • ...while this tale is amusing, I, as always am partial to the classic Cisco Grove case for the most delightful imagery...

    That said, I have long wondered if the classic 1999 Eiffel 65 song "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" wasn't inspired by the little blue man:

    "The song's lyrics tell a story about a man who lives in a "blue world". It is also stated he is "blue inside and outside," which, along with the lyric "himself and everybody around 'cause he ain't got nobody to listen", may indicate that the term blue represents his emotional state. The song also states that a vast variety of what he owns is also blue, including his house and his car; various blue-colored objects are also depicted on the single's cover.[10] The song's hook is the sentence "I'm blue", followed by a repetition of the words "da ba dee da ba di", which the hook is based around."


    By Blogger Kurt Peters, at Monday, September 02, 2013  

  • Rich surely the key detail here's the brilliant colours.

    A weird little guy with a straggly forked beard and a silly overly tall contraption atop his head could be any mentally ill tinfoil hatted hobo foraging for more crap to attch to his body.

    What makes this guy different's he's bright blue and vanishes and reappears in puffs of yellow smoke [a compelling detail here for me's the kids' visual acuity they don't see green hued smoke they see blue yellow smoke underlining just how vivid the colours were and how intensely they were paying attention].

    The autobiography of the Nineteenth Century Tibetan Buddhist teacher Traktung Dudjom Lingpa A Clear Mirror's ripped to the tits with such critters.

    I doubt many of them British kids'd read it though.

    By Blogger alanborky, at Friday, September 06, 2013  

  • Alan,

    I await Theo's exegesis of this event.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, September 06, 2013  

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