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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

UFO-like events/sightings and Odd Occurrences in Ancient Times

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When one reads historical or quasi-historical material from earlier times (B.C. through early A.D. years), they will find mentions (asides) that replicate UFO sightings or events of our time, the modern era.

Such asides are passingly presented, as if they are tangential to what’s being related. But why are they mentioned at all?

For instance, in The Barbarian Invasions of The Roman Empire, Volume II, The Huns and the Vandals by Thomas Hodgkin [Folio Society, London, 2000] one will find, by scrupulous attention to the text, that odd (actual?) events are sprinkled throughout.

Some of the history presented comes from such activity of early monarchs as Che-Hwang-te who, following the Chow Dynasty – his the Tsin Dynasty – in the 3rd Century B.C. destroyed all the earlier histories to “cleanse” the past of corrupted stories, thus removing much that came from oral traditions, providing what may be considered a more accurate accounting of human (in this case, Chinese) historical accounts.

Other accounts come from sources such as the Alexandrian Chronicles composed during the reign of Heraclius about 630 A. D. but many of doubtful authority.

One can assume that they are sometimes reading rather accurate renderings of what transpired and is being presented as true history – one can assume – but then …

So what does one make of such things as this:

The Bishop of Tongers in Belgium, Servatius by name, implored God, amidst fastings and watchings and constant showers of tears, that he [God] would never permit ‘the unbelieving and ever-unworthy nation of the Huns’ to enter Gaul. Feeling sure in his spirit that this prayer was not granted [interesting intuition?], he sought the tomb of the apostle Peter at Rome, and there, after three days’ fasting pressed his suit. The apostle appeared to him in a vision…(offering no consolation whatsoever, which sent Servatius to his home, where he prepared for his death which, indeed, took place). [From Gregory of Tours, Historia Francorum, ii.5] (Page 72 of Folio book)

Or this:

Meanwhile the consternation within the city of Orleans went on increasing, as the citizens saw their walls crumbling in ruin beneath the blows of the battering-rams of Attila [the Hun]. One day, when they were fervently praying in the church, ‘Anianus said, “Look forth from the ramparts see if God’s mercy yet succors us.” They gazed forth from the wall, but beheld no man. He sais, “Pray in faith; the Lord will liberate you today.” They went on praying; again he bade them mount the walls, and again they saw no help approaching … When their prayer was ended, a third time … they mounted the wall, and  looking forth they saw from afar, as it were, a cloud rising out of the ground.

 (Attila was foiled in his attempt to take Orléans) [From Apollinaris, Panegyric of Avitus, 328-356, considered a doubtful authority ] (Page 75 ff. in the Folio book)

While many of such account have a religious patina, but only because that is the mental patina of the times; what other frame of reference did early humans/historians/story-tellers have?

The question is why such interventions were interpolated in these “historical renderings”?

One reason, postulated by historical scholars, is that divine interventions were used to enhance the persons being remembered and, also, the person hoping they are remembered.

But is that always true? Is it possible that “visions” and “clouds rising from the ground” actually took place? After all, such inserts, as I’ve mentioned, are often peripheral to the stories, or subdued.

It’s as if the intercession is just a minor adjunct to what has taken place, or is it the crux of the story?

How can we know? And how does this factor in to modern UFO accounts, which rarely, nowadays, has a true religious overlay?

Yes, technology has pretty much replaced divinity as the deus et machina of UFO reports but, still, there is a mystery why intrusions take place at all, in situ, hallucinatorily, or even actually.

UFO interventions, even if just by sight – no encounters – helped the ancients (Moses, Alexander, Constantine, et al.) achieve whatever goals they had in mind.

Today, UFO interventions do nothing, but stymie fans of odd phenomena.

UFOs have become silly, either by our interpretations, or in reality.

What caused the change?



  • Rich, let's not forget Suetonius and Tacitus. Both give us a flavor of ancient Rome, yet had an ox to gore for historical purposes...not unlike today's historians.

    "Today, UFO interventions do nothing, but stymie fans of odd phenomena. UFOs have become silly, either by our interpretations, or in reality. What caused the change?"

    Yes, I most certainly concur that the so-called interventions have yielded nothing and have become no more than silly sideshows for our amusement...for some of us.

    The enigma today has caused no physical harm, psychologically it has borne ill fruit versus the fact that people died awaiting divine intervention in our long past history.

    The phenomena of yesteryear may not have been quite so silly as it is today.

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Tuesday, August 06, 2013  

  • Servatius might be a case wherein he received no answer which simply confirmed what he already knew as there is no report of any dialog, which may be construed as the silence was his answer that he attributed to the subject of his question..The cloud in the other account could be attributed to some natural cause which was construed as a portent. What unites these and others are their very vague, sketchy descriptions that remain as open to interpretation by us because unlike the characters in these accounts , we have no horse in the race. What could be useful in these is their sense of a trans-personal, vested interest in their well being by a superior intellect, much like the two book reviews you posted, that are the modern day equivalence, being extraterrestrial caretakers nearly transcribed into personal gods.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Tuesday, August 06, 2013  

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