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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

UFO Schizophrenia: A Case Study

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Rowan Wilson, in his little book, Strange But True: UFOs [Sterling Publishing co, Inc., NY, 1997], provides a John Keel, Operation Trojan Horse, episode [Page 100 ff.:

[Bracket inserts are mine]

A Portuguese man, Dino Craspedon (actually, Aledino Felix) wrote about an alleged November 1952 flying saucer contact [in the same Brazilian state where Villas Boas claims he had a UFO encounter, Minas Gerais];

Craspedon was with a  friend when they saw five flying saucers hovering in the air near the top of the Angatuba mountain range.

Returning to the spot later, spending three days there, he claimed a saucer landed, and the saucer’s captain took him aboard, to meet the crew.

In March 1953, that saucer captain showed up at Craspedon/Felix’s house, and engaged him in a dialogue full of “rather precise scientific and even a certain amount of mathematics.

The captain was erudite, “speaking Greek, Latin and Hebrew, and claiming that he came from a satellite of Jupiter.”

Craspedon produced this 1959 book containing more about the encounter and his dialogue with the saucer captain:


The book, Rowan admits, “failed to cause any sensation at the time … most people naturally [sic] dismissed it as fiction – like the works of George Adamski.”

“However John Keel seems to feel that the book is genuine.”

Rowan goes on to tell that Craspedon went on, in 1965 (and later) to predict the future, including “an outbreak of bombings and murders in Brazil in 1968.”

“There was a wave of bank robberies in Sao Paolo and an armed payroll train was heisted.

The Brazilian police worked overtime and soon rounded up 18 members of  a gang.”

Some of the gang members told of plans to assassinate top government officials and eventually take over Brazil.

“The leader of this ring was…..Aladino Felix.”

“When he was arrested on August 22, 1968, Craspedon/Felix said that ‘[he] was sent here as ambassador to the earth [sic] from Venus. My friends from space will come here and free me and avenge my arrest. You can look for tragic consequences to humanity when the flying saucers invade this planet.”

Rowan writes, surprisingly, “There is no clinical psychiatric explanation for these cases.”

A YouTube fellow [David?] proffers a short review and promotion of the Craspedon book which you can see HERE.

Or you can read the book and its progeneration online HERE:

Or you can download a PDF of the book, for a thorough scrutiny, if you like, by clicking HERE.

(The format is one of a question/answer type.)

Wikipedia on Craspedon/Felix can be read HERE.

Now, for those who think that I’m endorsing this story, I am….but as a study of a kind of paranoiac schizophrenia.

The saucer and captain visitation is a mental concoction of an obviously disturbed man.

For some reason, the 1950s produced a slew of such off-kilter accounts by persons who had organic (neurological) malfunctions or psychologically perverse mental attributes.

Some were just persons who thought they could bilk the public and press in order to accrue fame or fortune.

Nick Redfern details these men in his book Contactees [New Page/Career Press books, Prompton Plains, NJ, 2009].

What was the etiology of such schizoid accounts?

And why do some of these tales still resonate with a segment of the UFO community, persons who, for all intents and purposes, seem normal and relatively intelligent?

The patina of ufology as a warehouse for the insane is abetted by these ongoing and non-destructible stories.

And, I agree, my providing this run-down, doesn’t help.



  • The alleged dialogs between extraterrestrials match the equally outrageous variety of oddball craft, which led Keel to place a blanket of deception and hoax over the lot, placed the weight of cause , much like Jose's theory, on "others" rather on the purported testimony being fabricated by the witnesses. While I tend to suspect the latter rather than the former, my own experiences for a period of time, witnessed by others in my family who have absolutely no interest in any of this, put uncertainty in any triangulation. Messages on my answering machine with odd robotic like voices with a backdrop of warning me of something or someone called nefarious, who then, contacted my late son to deliver the same message while he was unaware of my own. The television turning itself off and the FM simultaneously turned on with a garbled loud voice blathering on indistinctly for about a minute and then it shut itself off. One night, my son and I were watching television ( he liked Family Guy) when the a extremely loud bang occurred. It was so loud I thought one of the trees hit the house or a car ran off the road. Went out with a flashlight immediately. Nothing. I could go on and on. A close friend in Australia had the same sort of thing happen to here. She then got religion, closed down all of her charitable work and vanished. I had an editor over there who publishes my work search for her as she is rather well known over there. Nothing. So...Keel felt that a great deal of this was more paranormal than extraterrestrial, and that this was more attributable to "ghost" phenomenon, even going so far to say it resembled "demonic" activity. I don't happen to share that view and yet I am not schizophrenic, neurologically damaged or prone to fantasies. Anything I write has a maybe or perhaps to it. A lot of this in my book, at least resembles PSI activity. You could call all this the experience of a personal wave that fortunately has not recurred. I neither encouraged it or dismissed it.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Wednesday, August 14, 2013  

  • I did read the Kraspedon book once. Strange that he met a being from a 'satellite of Jupiter' but years later after his arrest claimed to have come from Venus!

    I believe there was some hocus pocus about the speed of light in the book, in which Kraspedon tried to disprove the established figure.

    I also believe that the then editor of FSR, Brinsley le poer Trench (Lord Clancarty) gave the book the 'thumbs up', saying that something predicted in the book had come true and had thus confirmed the book's authenticity.

    Clancarty, you may recall, also promoted the 'hole at the pole' idea, based on some photos of the earth taken by a polar-orbiting satellite. (Similar to the ideas of one Ray Palmer).

    Enough said.

    By Blogger cda, at Wednesday, August 14, 2013  

  • A couple of things are interesting about this -- only a couple...

    The satellite (moon) of Jupiter reference by the FS captain which, today, would have some credibility as the moons of the two larger planets seem capable of harboring life.

    Bruce's take on PSI seems to indicate he believes PSI phenomena have a tangible reality, whereas I'd think, you, Bruce, would attribute such anomalies to electrical elements a la Persinger.

    PSI events seem, to me, to only impinge certain individuals, not the population as a whole or generally.

    Why would that be is the question to address.

    Madness is akin to genius, which is what the Kraspedon story is about, in a way; the man could have been a brilliant something, but neurologically got waylaid.

    By what or whom (if you will) did that happen, and should we even care, at this late stage of the UFO game?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, August 14, 2013  

  • I get an idea - that this 1959 Kraspedon book, as documented - is the first account from this Felix-Alias-Kraspedon, of his ET-contacts - saying they happened previous years (starting 1952).

    Is that correct? If not, what previous written records, document sources are cited (wherever) for this fellow's contacts? I assume none known or found, Keel or otherwise - but would like to correct myself, if wrong.

    The Adamski biz sparks context of my curiosity. Don't know if you've ever seen, for ex., Wikipedia's entry on that guy. As presented, the chronology is confused - blurs exegesis with fact, along these very lines. Almost kind 'subtle' ... a few quotes, hopefully illustrate:

    "On October 9, 1946, during a meteor shower, Adamski and some friends claimed ...' No, he (they) did no such thing in 1946. But he sho nuff told a story - no sooner than 1953, from what I can gather - claiming thus and such. Not quite the same thing.

    WP goes on in similarly confused fashion: "In 1947, Adamski took a photograph of what he claimed was the 1946 cigar-shaped ..." (a claim about a claim about a claim?)

    "On May 29, 1950, Adamski took a photograph of what he alleged to be six unidentified objects in the sky ..."

    After Adamski, others followed suit of course - stepping forward with stories about amazing events, also back-dated. Truman Bethurum said his ET visit predated Adamski's, "one-upping" him. Next came Daniel Fry - no, his contact was first. A contactee pattern of lively story-telling brinksmanship shaped up, like fishermen in competition - which "one that got away" - whose - was biggest?

    I got a few chrono- wrinkles ironed out by reading Ruppelt's 2nd edition, which has an added chap on contactees. As a vintage source, it gives clearer picture, what happened when.

    Also, this article which I find very informative, blowing away the fog that seemingly hangs over the WP entry and other similarly unclear accounts:


    Seems like many, Adamski was a saucer-mystery buff from the gitgo, summer 1947. But his talk about ET contacts only started in fall 1953, apparently.

    In other words, for all the back-dating storifying - contacteeism originated only after DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL - which debuted Sept 1951.

    The film depicted a certain few earthers, recognized by Klaatu as special, more 'evolved' - and worthy of his trust, even vital for his mission - involving earth's fate. Like Sam Jaffe. And Patricia O'Neale (his Mary Magdalene?) - to whom he entrusts a message (for Gort, in case ...) of world-shaking importance.

    Heady stuff for a George Adamski? Sitting in the movie theater, watching, as I bet he was? Going wow, and getting all enthralled with the very idea - realizing how much he'd like to be one so special, anointed, chosen ...?

    So, is 1959 our earliest source for Felix's account of stuff that supposedly happened back in 1952 etc? Or does Keel (or anyone else) cite earlier docs (news accounts, letters or whatnot?). Just wonderin' ... weirdness in this world.

    By Blogger Brian Akers, at Wednesday, August 14, 2013  

  • "So, is 1959 our earliest source for Felix's account of stuff that supposedly happened back in 1952 etc?"

    The said book was first published in Portuguese in 1957, so I believe.

    As for Adamski, no he did not get the idea from watching 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'. He had submitted (to Ray Palmer) a manuscript for his meeting with the Venusian back in 1943, except that the Venusian was replaced by Jesus Christ! Trouble is - I doubt very much that anyone will ever locate this manuscript now.

    By Blogger cda, at Wednesday, August 14, 2013  

  • Brian...

    You raise an interesting point, if anyone wants to pursue this story:

    The original thrust of the story; that is, when did Craspedon actually make public the 1952 event -- in 1952? or 1959?

    I find no reference, by anyone, of a 1952 report.

    The book, in 1959, seems to be the first time the story was told.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, August 14, 2013  

  • CDA:

    And Adamski wasn't nuts, in the clinical sense.

    He was an idealistic opportunist.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, August 14, 2013  

  • My take is PSI-Kappa which is used to denote such phenomenon that impacts materiality in several ways which does not preclude the root cause which I remain fairly convinced that Persinger is on the right track, as yet to be identified natural environmental causes that are piggy backed onto neurology rather than supernatural causes. One does not exclude the other.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Wednesday, August 14, 2013  

  • Guys, thanks for the replies - interesting notes.

    Intriguing especially, about indications of a manuscript Adamski submitted to Palmer, 1943. I don't recall reading about that anywhere. I'd be obliged for any sources on that - any info traceable to its point of origin. So's I could put it up on lift, hit it with some light, see what I can see there. Place it under microscope, check its brushstrokes - with various type lighting.

    Pending that, I gather the manuscript as described, isn't available for inspection. In which case, yah, agreed, that'd present some problem for critical investigation. T-r-o-u-b-l-e for methodical rigor. Seems to me it'd require ability to compare/contrast Adamski's story as debuted fall 1953, with what an early manuscript might have said. If only we could see.

    I'd be curious to check extant trails. See what clues they provide, if any - assess whether red herrings, or any other color.

    Certainly not all elements of Adamski's tall tale tradition (Est'd 1953) come from DTESS. Wouldn't want to put too much emphasis on that. For example, both DTESS and Adamski, as I find - drew on real life stories in the news, debuted June 1947.

    (DTESS, Act 1, radio announcer: "Scientists and military agree, this is not just another FLYING SAUCER scare")

    To put any critically verifiable info on this word of an early manuscript - next to DTESS - and Adamski's post-DTESS narrative. Might be velly intellestink. And for me , to reliably assess with all due diligence and critical rigor, what might have influenced what and how - necessary.

    General impression, tentative (pending further info), is a tingle of the spidey sense. Like some weird intriguing interplay, between the real and imaginary. Something like - Adamski's colorful narrative imitating art, Hollywood product 1951 - in details large or small many or few (as I suspect).

    And both imitating or borrowing from life - stories in the news, starting summer 1947. Stories that in turn, coincidentally or not, seem to mirror or imitate art: scifi about ET visitors, pre-1947 (back to HG Wells and before)?

    By Blogger Brian Akers, at Monday, August 19, 2013  

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