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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Why UFO Giants and not Little Creatures?

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Why UFO Giants and not Little Creatures?

My July 30th effort (Tall Tales) recounted an airship sighting in 1858 by a Mr. Henry Wallace who wrote that the ship had “a number of very tall people aboard it.” The account appears on Page 325 of the Vallee/Aubeck book, Wonders in the Sky.

This UFO encounter appears in Michael Hesemann’s book, UFOs: The Secret History [Marlowe & Company, NY, 1998, Pages 407 ff.] It's a 1976 Spanish encounter:

A drawing by Dr. Padrón of what he saw. [Hesemann, Page 409]

This is an illustration of the 1989 Voronezh, Russia sighting that involved a 10 foot tall being:

Now, to be clear (for those who have trouble evaluating my copy), I’m not writing that either of these two events is real. I’m using them for illustrative purposes.

While most current or “modern” UFO encounters indicate the presence of little beings, the co-called “grays” of the present UFO mythos, why do some report the opposite?

Giants, like dwarves or little people, are part of the folk-tale oeuvre from time immemorial.

But why, since giants are so inimical to reality – we do experience little people within the human construct – do people imagine or see (actually or not) very tall, unnatural beings, especially debarking from strange craft or within them?

There are a number of such observations, many brought to us by Spanish researcher Jose  Antonio Caravaca here and at his personal blog – http://caravaca-files.blogspot.com

Are such observations psychotomimetic in essence? Or just temporary hallucinations  brought on neurological malfunctions or ingested agents of various kinds, some normally benign (food stuffs) and others that are esoteric (LSD, for example).

That scribes recounted tales of giants throughout our literary history (Goliath in The Hebrew Bible, Homer’s Ajax, Gilgamesh’s Humbaba, Paul Bunyan, et al.) with (or without foreign ingestations) tells us something, but what?

For the study of UFO encounters, not UFOs per se, one has to take into consideration the content of the reports proffered by observers.

Did they actually see what they think they saw or did they have a temporary psychotic break with reality? And why giants (or small people) during such breaks?

It’s a UFO side-bar, but maybe a key to what UFO are – tangible hallucinations or real things, containing real beings, some tall, some not so tall.



  • I suggest this's a hint to what's going on "I was fascinated by the majestic aura they radiated and the perfect form of their bodies".

    My suspicion's it's the same semaphore utilised in the Biblical account of the Israelites encountering the Anakim and being made to appear in their own eyes as grasshoppers ie giantness signals proximity to the Primordial Original First Moment the time before the Deluge the Golden Age.

    Smallness on the other hand implies childishness ignorance inferiority deficiency in comprehension or learning.

    In many ways the highly tactile exploratory probing accounts of the grays resemble to me the behaviour of little kids who use the fact their nervous father allows them to cut his hair or even shave him as a means of investigating some of the mysteries of what it'll mean to become a grown man oneself or to become involved with a grown man as a grown woman.

    By Blogger alanborky, at Monday, August 12, 2013  

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