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Saturday, September 07, 2013

A 1966 Distortion Event as Jose Caravaca sees it

 29 March 1966 in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire a UFO sighting took place that is unique.

About 6:15 p.m. Benjamin Brackett, 10, was walking with his dog in the woods near his home, when over a hill he observed a metal object.

In the first instance the boy thought it was some type of "radar chaff" that had fallen into the branches of a tree.

But when he approached the area, he verified that the artifact had a radiant-looking quadrangular antenna that was about 30 centimeters long.

The unusual artifact was shaped like the letter “L”, light brownish gray and had a size of about 1.52 meters long and 1 meter high. Its exterior texture seemed to be "cork.”


At its base was a brown, metallic-looking dome about 60 centimeters in diameter.

The witness was about 22 meters from the scene and could see that the object was sitting on the ground with the help of a "tripod" -- the legs were matte silver and were about 30 centimeters tall.

The witness observed three small dark slits.

At that time, there was a burst of air from the artifact that raised several pine leaves nearby.


Young Brackett heard a low-pitched sound, while the contraption rose between 15 and 30 centimeters from the ground.

Then the strange aircraft froze in the air, turning to the right with great precision, like it was remote controlled.

Despite the strangeness of the event, the boy thought it could be an some experimental USAF hovercraft. The object emitted electric-like sounds.


After another gust of wind, the engine rose to about three meters high. then 7 meters and moved in a south-east direction, turning right 60 degrees and took off at high speed into the sky.

Later it was found that there were prints on the ground that seemed to indicate that an object had landed in the area. The measurement and study of said marks were located in the hypothetical center of balance of the artifact.


It is curious, from his description of the phenomenon, that young witness had knowledge of prototypes of the USAF and this information could be used by the "external agent" to build the experience.


 It is unusual for a child, 10, to witness this type of artifact and think that he’s observing a UFO-like artifact from the military, a hovercraft from the USAF.


Furthermore, this experience can also be interpreted as the "distortion" of a toy (Lego ?), with one antenna, like some kind of  radio-controlled car.  A boy without information related to military gear would have believed that the artifact was a StarTrek gadget or flying saucer.




  • The story suggests that the young boy had connections (family) to the Air Force...further suggests that he was infatuated with military style aircraft. This would have been seen as normal for a child of 10 years.

    His location in New Hampshire was not that far from Pease AFB, Portsmouth, New Hampshire which would, at that time, had active flying missions through out the state.

    The young boy's omission of a "UFO" component, but self-seen as a US Air Force/military project reveals the direction of thought, both content and process, for which his imagination reveals that he had an intense (obsession?) interest in military aircraft.

    I use the above as an intraspectional point of view. As a young child living on Wright-Patterson AFB, I was exposed to most of the AF's flying inventory of aircraft...and I loved every bit of it.

    My hobby back then was construction aircraft model kits...all military. Do we know what our 10 year old did for a "hobby"? I would not be surprised that he too put together military aircraft models...

    Just a line of thought for consideration...

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Sunday, September 08, 2013  

  • I have been pressing Jose to define his "external agent" as that is key to his interesting conjecture (theory).

    He sent me this:

    "It's immeasurable. A mental energy capable of feedback from our pisque, and that somehow is parasitic. This related to the collective unconscious, and is the same "force" that has emerged [in] religions ... But its field of action is the individual ... and sometimes transcends the group, social or religion ... I have yet to clear its function and objective ... but maybe it's some kind of epiphenomenon whose results are collateral...

    I'm sorry to be so ambiguous and not have more answers for you."


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, September 08, 2013  

  • Perhaps if we restate "external agent" as an extrinsic factor(s) we might be able to further define the issue at hand.

    If I may, add on to my last comment, the 10 year old boy's observation is shaped by numerous factors. The extrinsic factor(s) may be defined as past experiences, or exposures, that had left a profound psychological impact.

    This now interacts in a way cognitive-wise that produces logical, or illogical, explanations set about by intrinsic factors...an internal agent(s)...

    Extrinsic factors, under certain conditions, could be measurable, perhaps by a statistical matrix.

    Again, just rambling thoughts on my part...

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Sunday, September 08, 2013  

  • Tim:

    Jose's "events" reek of tangibility.

    There are impressions left by the observed artifacts, and illnesses or physical hurts by witnesses sometimes.

    Do Jung's mandala archetypes or any of his other archetypes leave such physical traces?

    Yes, sometimes the archetypes cause physical maladies but not directly.

    Freud's neurotic overlays also do not leave impressions anywhere and are so embedded in one's psyche that their reality has been regularly questioned.

    Jose has provided ample "witness testimony" that something physical has happened in his accounts.

    That makes me feel he's led us to an external agent that appears to be tangible/material.

    Yet, he won't quite go there, and you and I would opt for a neurological or psychological explanation, even with circumstantial evidence for something more.

    Jose needs to define and prove his "theory" one way or another, or is it a mixture of things, some real, some not real (in the tangible sense)-- something quantum-like?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, September 08, 2013  

  • Question to ponder? Does the proposed external agent effect all in the same way?

    I suggest that there is a predisposition to the external fact, unless it could be proven that each exposure scenario would affect the general population in the same manner as the original individuals.

    This may correlate to the "reality" subject to your answer to Bruce. How many individuals currently inhabit the earth? Perhaps there are "n" number of realities based on "n" number of people that inhabit our planet...the string theory of conscious reality.

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Sunday, September 08, 2013  

  • Jose insists, Tim, that the modus operandi is beleaguered by the individual differences of each witness that the "external agent" incorporates into the event.

    That is, the methodology of the intrusion is the same but the accoutrements, the scenarios, are not.

    Yes, the string theory of many realities might apply here, which makes me write that we may be dealing with quantum reality.

    If Jose goes in that direction he might firm up his "theory."


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, September 08, 2013  

  • Let me go off in an entirely different direction. Isn't this alleged sighting around the same time as the (in)famous Exeter, NH sightings written up by John Fuller? I believe that the first important Exeter case was late 1965(the Norman Muscarello and Officer Betrand sighting...still an important and unexplained case)so this particular case is (for me) either, a. a copycat tale by an impressionable young man or, b. another piece of the puzzle of sightings in New Hampshire in 1965 and 1966.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Sunday, September 08, 2013  

  • Very interesting Dominick.

    Hampton Fall,s the site of this encounter, is in the same vicinity as Exeter, and the time-frame matches.

    So, do we have an extension of some valid UFO sightings?

    I think that may be the case, even if it diminishes the Distortion angle.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, September 08, 2013  

  • It seems Caravaca's "external agent" is similar to Hansen's Trickster.

    ~ Susan

    By Blogger brownie, at Sunday, September 08, 2013  

  • Does JAC follow up on ufo witnesses or just stick with old reports? This ufo witness,Benjamin Bracket would be about 57 years old now, and may still be able to provide better answers then people guessing.

    By Blogger Unknown, at Sunday, September 08, 2013  

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