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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Research and Disclosure re: Roswell (and everything thing else too)

PBS aired a National Geographic special 9/25/2103 called Skeletons of the Sahara.

It involved dinosaur bone-hunters who discovered human skeletons in the area of the Sahara where they were looking for dinosaur bones.

This set them on a mission to determine what produced the raft of bodies and their unique burial procedures and when.

It became a new research project for the dinosaur bone-hunters.

The show followed the research process the hunters were engaged in, and ended with some conclusions and conjectures but nothing definitive. Yet the research was open and evolutionary, not secretive or under-handed. The researchers were anxious to disclose what they discovered and what they were doing to determine what they had found exactly.

It was an example of how research is handled by bona fide researchers – openness and disclosure of process even when final results were still to come.

Tony Bragalia provides his description of research in a comment at the post before this one [Follow-Up] and he’s repeated his description of research often to me and others.

But he’s wrong.

Moreover, he has pressed Battelle for years to disclose what that institution has discovered about nitinol or the supposed metal found amidst alleged Roswell alien debris.

Mr. Bragalia doesn’t allow Battelle the same delay that he insists the Randle Roswell Dream Team needs to determine the authenticity of supposed photos of Roswell bodies snapped in 1947.

Mr. Bragalia wants his cake and to eat it to, to use an old bromide.

I’ve gotten the impression that Kevin Randle’s creation of his ill-named group was instigated to cleanse the Roswell palate of all the errant information he and others generated over the years, an honorable attempt by him to right wrongs.

Carey and Schmitt are hoping to clear the taint their names have from their past Roswell mishandlings, but I also think they hope to gather some fame and fortune this time around too.

They, along with Mr. Randle are generally unknown in the public sector, and dismissed by many in the UFO community. So one can understand their desire to make a mark or leave a legacy.

(That they have spent personal monies in their endeavor doesn’t matter; no one asked them to do so, and they haven’t been forced to do so.)

David Rudiak is just a Roswell fanatic, unconcerned with fame or fortune – he’s just an inveterate Roswell junkie.

Anthony Bragalia has a desire to be known as a serious researcher of note, and has, for some odd reason, decided that UFOs and Roswell will produce such an encomium.

Chris Rutkowski is odd-man out – a guy with good credentials and wholesome credibility in the UFO community. (That he hasn’t jumped the Dream Team ship baffles me and others.)

That Mr. Randle hasn’t disclosed whether the rumored photo scenario is real or not also baffles.

It’s a matter of research protocol, despite what Mr. Bragalia intones. And to think that any new Roswell finds should be kept secret for a total, future revelation seems to indicate a mercenary purpose, which some critics have alleged in comments here and elsewhere.

Let’s hope that truth prevails and transparency rears its head from within the Roswell Dream Teams cloistered “research headquarters.”



  • We live in an age of proprietary information that goes so far as the recent Supreme Court decision that turned down the patenting of a human genome.

    The greater good has a lower priority than ownership.

    The recent interview with Jacques Vallee I cited in the last post notably stated that the invisible college is alive and well under the auspices of Robert Bigelow, our era's equivalence of Howard Hughes.

    Vallee could not speak to this research due to proprietary contractual obligations to Bigelow.

    We have a situation where actual research is being done deeply buried, as I had suspected in the past.

    The point of this is that the Dream Team's continued side stepping of basic questions leads me to reasonably suspect this proprietary approach , ironically, avoiding disclosure, has a profit motive in mind, just as Bigelow rakes in public money from NASA to do the same.

    The responsibility is to their own possession above the truth.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Thursday, September 26, 2013  

  • Mr. Duensing-

    I have never taken a dime from anyone at any time for any of my research, investigation and writings. Our obligation is to truth and to history, not money.

    For you Mr. Duensing, to say that you "reasonably suspect" a profit motive because I/we will not make public comment unless and until it is appropriate is ill-informed and mean-spirited.

    You speculate on rumor, on evidence that has never been publicly acknowledged or presented- and then you speculate on motive. In all cases you are wrong and wrong-headed.

    You are demanding comment on something none of us has officially commented on,let alone released!Its very akin to asking me when I stopped beating my wife.

    And very frankly, none of us has any obligation to apprise you of any ongoing investigation- physical evidence related or otherwise. Our only obligation rests with truth and history.


    By Blogger Anthony Bragalia, at Thursday, September 26, 2013  

  • If you have no contractual obligation to the other members of your team and none to clarify your allegation of Rich lying through his teeth then you are floating in a sort of nether-land that characterizes Roswell as it has become a piggy bank of innuendo
    In terms of being mean spirited I thought my criticism was rather mild
    At minimum you did not tell me to go to Hell as you did to Paul
    Personally I would rather spend my time and energy on worthier targets

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Thursday, September 26, 2013  

  • Anthony,

    And in pursuit of this truth you've associated yourself with a crew of arch bunglers, who leave in their wake a litany of Roswellian clangers.

    I will say again that Randle has been vociferous in his criticism of exactly this kind cloak and dagger approach to research.

    It's one thing to want to keep something low-key, it's quite another to pester people to retract details of your endeavours already in the public domain. That has nothing to do with serving the cause of 'truth', rather it is treating truth as a commercial commodity.

    By Blogger Ross, at Thursday, September 26, 2013  

  • RR:

    "Moreover, he [AJB] has pressed Battelle for years to disclose what that institution has discovered about nitinol or the supposed metal found amidst alleged Roswell alien debris."

    I am puzzled here. Presumably AJB has not pressed Battelle over actual Roswell debris. This would be laughable.

    I am as certain as I can be that Battelle have not only not handled any Roswell debris at any time, but had never even heard of the case until the Berlitz/Moore book in 1980.

    Battelle's UFO report (i.e. USAF Blue Book Report 14, issued 1955) likewise does not mention Roswell, neither does it mention nitinol.

    If they were indeed doing nitinol research or development in the 1947-48 period this was nothing whatever to do with the Roswell UFO crash.

    Nitinol is a complete red herring, and the Dream Team, and AJB in particular, are wasting time and effort if they pursue this avenue.

    By Blogger cda, at Thursday, September 26, 2013  

  • cda,

    So you're certain because they happened not to disclose what would have been top secret research in a UFO study intended for public consumption?

    By Blogger Ross, at Thursday, September 26, 2013  

  • You are correct CDA- I have never pressed Battelle for anything. Those there today were not even born when the Roswell crash took place!


    By Blogger Anthony Bragalia, at Thursday, September 26, 2013  

  • Ross:

    On what grounds do you say this "would this have been top secret research"?

    The only reason Roswell is or was top secret is that the post-1980 ETHers say so. Starting with Bill Moore & Stan Friedman in 1980.

    Now AJB brings in the nitinol connection. Also 'top secret'!

    Until someone locates a genuine top secret document from the period (late 1940s) relating to the Roswell-nitinol connection, the whole thing is based on the say-so of the present day ETHers.

    By Blogger cda, at Thursday, September 26, 2013  

  • cda,

    I am saying that if Roswell was something ET, it stands to common reason that documents pertaining to it would be top secret.

    By Blogger Ross, at Thursday, September 26, 2013  

  • "I have never pressed Battelle for anything"

    Normal Tony: If you press Battelle, it takes immediatly its original form... ^^

    Sorry for little humour in this psychodrama.

    By Blogger Gilles Fernandez, at Thursday, September 26, 2013  

  • Since everyone seems to be picking on AB, let me come to his defense. No one working on any research project that is self-funded (and I assume that his is) has ANY legal or moral obligation to share that data with anyone else until and unless they are ready to do so...and only on their terms. What I observe on this blog is a whole bunch of UFO junkies--who do little or no original research themselves--demanding that those who are doing the research, share those findings (regardless of how tentative) with them...as if they had some moral right to that information. Nonsense. Look, I am as anxious as the rest of you to know whether there is any new and credible Roswell information. And when and if it appears, I will make a reasoned judgment as to its validity. But until that happens, those doing the research have all of the "rights" and the rest of us have the obligation to be civil and stop whining...

    By Blogger Dominick, at Thursday, September 26, 2013  

  • Nitinol was a wet firecracker

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Thursday, September 26, 2013  

  • Ross: Why have you made this assumption? "It stands to common reason". But does it?

    You are adopting the Friedman-Randle et al idea that we, the public, can never (at least not for a very long time) be officially informed if there were any UFO landings or crashes. It must all be top secret.

    The consequence of this is that science and the public can never be told of extraterrestrial intelligent life being discovered, or visiting planet earth.

    A likely scenario indeed! Rather goes against what space science is all about, doesn't it?

    By Blogger cda, at Thursday, September 26, 2013  

  • cda,

    Official documents from government studies into the likely reaction of the public speak to the enactment of a policy of denial.

    From the perspective of established power there is never a good time to shake the foundations upon which that power sits. I suspect disclose is the can that is forever getting kicked down the road.

    By Blogger Ross, at Thursday, September 26, 2013  

  • Thank you Dominick for your kind and correct remarks...


    By Blogger Anthony Bragalia, at Thursday, September 26, 2013  

  • Anthony,

    Perhaps you can venture a comment as to the pitiful tale of grubby dishonesty related on Kimball's blog?

    By Blogger Ross, at Thursday, September 26, 2013  

  • It was an example of how research is handled by bona fide researchers – openness and disclosure of process even when final results were still to come.

    I'm reminded of the shenanigans of how the dead sea scrolls were released. A certain faction seemed very determined to keep that information very close to the vest.

    By Blogger Parakletos, at Friday, September 27, 2013  

  • > piggy bank of innuendo

    Excellent phrase, Bruce.

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Saturday, September 28, 2013  

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