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Monday, October 07, 2013

Close Encounter with Medusa

Jose Caravaca provides this odd UFO encounter...
Where can you find a witness who encountered a UFO-occupant like Medusa?

Not just in Greece.

The researcher Albert Rosales summarizes the incident:

In October, 20, 1973 about 02:00 a.m. in Georgia, Athens, Mars Walker, a twenty year old University of Georgia art student who lived in an apartment near Airport Road was disturbed, while reading, by “a high pitched, siren-like sound.”

Glancing toward the window, he noticed a “glow like a watch dial” shimmering outside.

When he opened the door, outside lights illuminated a craft that slowly descended from the sky about fifty yards away.

The object was round, varying in diameter from ten to seventeen feet, and smooth-surfaced.

It “had no definite color, just a vague shade of purple, like a midnight sky,” he said. 

After five minutes the pitch of the sound became sharper “and a thing took shape within the doughnut shape of the middle.”

It required another minute before the form became clearly visible. According to Walker, “It was a human-like being standing erect,” and colored a “a sea green opaque, like a hologram.”

The most prominent aspect of the creature was its “medusa-head,” composed of objects resembling tentacles that surrounded the head. Each hand had three or four fingers, but otherwise seemed human.

“The odd thing to me” Walker continued, “is how little attention it paid to me, no interest in communicating with me or threatening me or any other activity, besides observing.” 

The scene was surreal, the creature bathed in the pale green light like “an electrical field,” the student thought. perhaps it was a hologram. Apparently finished with its duties, the entity went back inside the craft. After a half hour the UFO departed.



  • It's Athens, Georgia; not the other way around. LOL.
    See Albert Rosales's online database of humanoid sightings, case #304 for 1973.

    By Blogger kolyma, at Monday, October 07, 2013  

  • This is indicative of a non verbal communication composed of projected images that become transposed by translation in a associative process, and the only inter-cranial carrier known to exist is an electromagnetic field composed of non ionizing radiation.
    My own theory regarding this appears to be affirmed with every anecdotal event that Jose posts.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Monday, October 07, 2013  

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