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Monday, November 18, 2013

NASA's obsession with Mars: What does it know that we don't?



  • Maybe NASA are hoping their craft will catch up with the one recently sent by India and the two may then engage in armed combat. Space wars at last. All controlled from earth, of course.

    By Blogger cda, at Monday, November 18, 2013  

  • It might be the SEC. CitiCorp is already packaging low-interest mortgages of Martian subdivisions and reselling them to Zeta Reticulan hedge funds.

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Monday, November 18, 2013  

  • Mars is the second closest planet to Earth after Venus, which has such an inhospitable environment that the sensitive equipment used on these missions isn't likely to survive long there.

    That woebegone planet has a constant planet wide surface temperature of around 460 degrees C and an atmosphere that's 96% carbon dioxide. Finding any signs of life on Venus, past or present, is the longest of long shots.

    So, compared to our closest, but most unfriendly neighbor, Mars is a relatively close and benign planet to explore, and it exhibits some characteristics in common with Earth, such as running water (at least in the past) that are pre-requisites for life as we define and recognize it.

    We'll keep going back to Mars because it's the only serious candidate in our solar system for future colonization. Besides, Mars is a deeply embedded cultural meme so there's more widespread support for exploring its surface than that of any other planet.

    We simply don't have funding nor the technology necessary to support substantive surface exploration of the other members of our solar system or their satellites.

    The more intriguing question for me is not why we keep returning to Mars (that one has pretty obvious and innocuous answers), but why have we made no attempt to return to our Moon?

    By Blogger purrlgurrl, at Monday, November 18, 2013  

  • Lots of low-humor from our UFO contingent...


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, November 18, 2013  

  • Gadgetry in search of a reason in space, a sort of speculative shot at interplanetary exploitation when you consider Robert Bigelow made a recent splash in wanting to deconstruct the Moon space treaty, as to make moon mining a possibility and I am not making this up. All of this science for the sake of science is a well worn rationale for profiteering on as many levels of human manipulation of gain as possible..Terry is not that far off in his satirical take on history.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Tuesday, November 19, 2013  

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