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Thursday, January 10, 2013

UFO Iconoclast(s) addenda

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Here are two of the Lubbock Light(s) photos:



These are not plovers (or birds of any kind).

The images may not be UFOs or they might even be hoaxed, but one thing is certain -- the images are not plovers (or birds) reflecting the light from street lamps.

The plover/bird explanation is ludicrous on the face of it.

Here are some photos of a flying disk taken by George Stock in New Jersey, 1952:




You can see the similarity to the Trent/McMinnville disk (1950), and even more so to the Redbud, Illinois disk photo (1950).

Are the photos an instance of fakery? Or were flying disks of the type pictured common to the time-frame (the early 1950s)?

Operation MainBrace (1952):

While there are photos, squirreled away by the U.S. military, the thrust of that 1952 event consists of several sightings: one where photos were taken from aboard an aircraft carrier, one by RAF jet fighters the following day, and one over Topliffe, an RAF base, the disk or sphere pursued by a jet interceptor.

That a balloon explanation for the sightings seems irrational, there are few other options that are rational.

If the photos taken remain hidden, the nature of the UFO (or balloon) cannot be determined, but it seems that the disks photographed by Paul Trent, the Redbud photographer, and George Stock morphed into a balloon-like sphere.

That is, the phenomenon changed or other flying intruders were circling the globe.