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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nick Redfern's Grusinski MainBrace Photo

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This is one of the MainBrace photos, provided by Nick Redfern (from his Grusinski contact, also seen in the History Channel clip in our previous post about 1952's MainBrace Operation):


There are other (missing) photos.

(I have a magazine article from the 1970s which had different photos, if I recall correctly. But that article is in a very large collection of UFO magazines and will, regretfully, take time to locate.)

As for the photo above, it does resemble a balloon, or even the moon, but the events -- three or more -- indicate something more than a balloon, as has been noted in our prior posting about MainBrace.

We might presume that the "missing photos" are more defined and secreted away by the military (the U.S. Navy and/or NATO) because they show something not as prosaic as a balloon.

The MainBrace event intrigues because the UFO sightings took place over several venues, by various military people, and involved jet plane pursuit(s) -- the photos being supplementary or supportive.

It doesn't provide an explanation of the UFO enigma but does confirm that a strange phenomenon or phenomena was causing a stir in military circles, in 1952.