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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Who or What controlled the Roswell Incident?

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The February 21, 2013 New York Review of Books has a review, by Sean Wilentz of The Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick which is a book and TV series (on Showtime). [Cherry-Picking Our History, Page 14 ff.]

In the review Wilentz writes that Stone and Kuznick tells their audience that the U.S. squandered an opportunity to return this country to the “democratic., egalitarian heritage on which its earlier greatness and moral leadership rested” by needlessly dropping atomic bombs  on [Japan].

And here’s the key point that Stone and Kuznick proffer, and which I think and have always thought is key to the Roswell secrecy and botched scenario:

“The calamitous turning point came in 1944 and 1945, when Harry Truman [a very bad President] ascended to the vice-presidency and, after FDR’s death,  to the Presidency.”

Truman, Stone and Kuznick aver was “a neurotic, corrupt, racist demagogue, [who] made all of the wrong decisions.” [Page 14]

Writing previously here, I noted that Truman behaved erratically, and ignorantly. And if something alien crashed near Roswell, Truman was unaffected by such a profound event; he continued on his daily, silly walks, and spent an inordinate amount of time defending his daughter from criticism (singing mostly).

Truman overlooked the intrusions of Soviet espionage agents in the government as Richard Nixon discovered in the Alger Hiss affair and Joseph McCarthy outlined in his maligned accusations of communist infiltrations in the U.S. military and other government agencies.

Truman would have been the primary contact if something odd and significant happened near Roswell.

But his presence, subliminal or overt, has been overlooked and totally ignored by UFO researchers.

Ufologists debate the minor players but have neglected to look at the man who would be at the center of any major event, which was what Roswell was, initially.

This lapse of scrutiny has allowed Roswell to be mish-mashed for years now.

If there was an extraterrestrial event near Roswell, it would have been shut down by Truman himself.

And Truman’s psychopathic personality would not allow anything of an alien nature to rear its head; he was a fundamentalist, stupid man who would suppress anything that smacked of extraterrestrialism.

It was against his nature and non-intellectual personality to acknowledge something foreign invading the human reality.

Deep-sixing the Roswell event would have been his priority.

And although there is some imminent material indicating [sic] an ET presence in the Roswell episode, the idea, back then,  of an alien accident would have been shot down by President Truman, whether it was real or imagined,

His corrupt nature would not allow anything approaching a hint of extraterrestriality.

He even hated blacks and foreigners.

What must he have felt about little beings from galaxies far, far away?