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Friday, March 01, 2013

The Professor rambles on about Wanaque's 1966 UFO sightings

Michael Swords, "The Professor," has added two more postings about the 1966 Wanaque UFO sightings to his blog, The Big Study.


He has a fourth posting in the works.

The Professor provides a rather complete run-down about what happened in 1966 at Wanaque, and had this to say about the beam-ray photo we've been interested in:

"Augie Roberts again did his thing, showing up with a photo [the infamous one with a fuzzy domed disk radiating a spreading lightbeam downward] and alluded that this was the Wanaque object. People bought it, and the story was printed. It is good to remind oneself that the original source for the "beam" story was a misquoted engineer, Fred Stein, who clearly debunked the misquote. Such matters would of course make little difference to Roberts.

FLYING SAUCER REVIEW was next with its April 1966 issue. In its World UFO Roundup pages, a fellow from Florida sent the newsclipping from the Newark Evening News of January 12th, and FSR transcribed it. This clipping could actually have been written by one of the witnesses as two different newsmen from east of Wanaque supposedly had observations. The information in this news story seems pretty good, so that FSR didn't misinform its readers much. However, the "bolt of light" directed out of the object towards the water is repeated. {I am going through these "references" because they are opening my eyes a bit as to how the UFO community's newsletters themselves embed bad information which will then stick in people's heads. In this case, unless you read, and believe, the NICAP work, you will come away thinking that this BOL beamed energy at the reservoir and burnt a hole in the ice. THAT, in turn might build up in your mind some odd theories about BOLs or UFOs.}."

Maybe he'll provide the source of the infamous photo in his next and last posting.

The Professor offers a  folksy patina for his blog postings -- after all, he is one of the UFO geezers -- and we like it.

It terminates any idea that he's dealing with a profound, academic matter.

While we don't give a fig about the Wanaque machinations, we are interested in that photo and hope it is addressed in a way that finalizes its authenticity, or lack of same.