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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Some Useful NASA Sites for the UFO Aficionado

Some of you may know about this NASA site, but most of you do not I think:


It allows you to search for abstracts, new and old, that might fill in any lacunae you may have about UFOs and related matters.

For instance, I used the site to get at abstracts about UFOs generally and Edward U Condon, whom we excoriated before he took over the Colorado project that doomed further UFO research:


Here are the direct links....click on E in the lines provided to see the abstracts themselves. (Most are available for rent or purchase, if you're not a member of the providing organization.)



Use the Search option creatively and you might hit paydirt, related to something UFO which interests you.


The Truman Roswell Nexus: None


Following up on our posting about President Truman's Roswell knowledge, our guy Josh Sodelet scoured reams of online Truman material and the University of Colorado (Denver) library for anything related to New Mexico (re: Roswell) and Harry S. Truman.

There is nothing.

Josh notes that HST had concerns other than an alleged crashed flying disc near Roswell in 1947.

His mother died in 1947.

He was dealing with Soviet expansion.

He set up the CIA, primarily to spy on that Soviet expansionism:


And all his activity, all of it, in and out of office, was unpronounced by any indication that an extraterrestrial ship crashed in the New Mexico desert.

President Truman's daily activities, after his time in office, were mundane as best, belying any awareness of something as profound as an accidental extraterrestrial crash during the second year of his Presidency.

Does it seem likely that Truman, or any man, would go about their daily life, in a common way if they were privy to information that the Earth had in its coffers an alien ship and bodies or even debris from such?

One might conjecture that President Truman was out of the military loop about Roswell, but all the materials that Mr. Sordelet discovered shows that Truman was in on everything, small and large, that impacted The United States (and even other governments and countries).

I am no fan of President Truman, for many reasons, as outlined earlier here and at the RRRGroup blog, but I must concede that Mr. Truman was not a man to shirk something as significant as a visit from outer space, accidental or not.

If Roswell was real, then its significance was trammeled in ways that go beyond secrecy or ineptitude.

We think the Roswell was an odd event that didn't cause a President, or those in on it, to find it to be anything but a military or environmental accident that caused a ripple in the Roswell area for a few days, until it was cauterized by the Army.

That it turned into something more, and will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes with new revelations, was and is to be expected, as the UFO community has rested the UFO reality on the 1947 incident.

But in 1947 it didn't turn President Truman's head. and one would have expected it to, if it involved something as monumental as a flying saucer from another world.