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Thursday, March 28, 2013

A UFO Explanation: Is There One?

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David Rudiak, commenting recently at Kevin Randle’s blog about the iconic Kenneth Arnold sighting of 1947 (and others), wrote that common sense and logic would bring one to the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) as the answer to the UFO mystery.


And he was correct, of course.

Studying UFO reports after our perspective of seeing aeronautical displays of heavier-than-air constructs since 1914, and ballooning 200 years before that, one can readily see that UFO sightings and maneuvers of those UFOs sighted duplicate what we have all seen aerially.

Stunt flying, military maneuvers, and just plain flying have all been duplicated or improved upon by UFOs in the air.


Reviewing ancient UFO-like observations and those before the modern era, one notes how bizarre those observations are, even though most seem to have been diligently documented.

The Vallee/Aubeck book, Wonders in the Sky , is a superb resource  for my point.


Those making the observations or hearing about them, not having the aeronautical experiences we have had, placed what they saw into a mystical, mythological, or religious context.

While those early on UFO-like sightings sometimes reflected advanced flying machines, they mostly depicted something stranger, much stranger.

But for the sake of Mr. Rudiak’s argument, let’s assume they represent indications of extraterrestrial flights, just like the ones he sees in the modern accounts.

Since we’re dealing with thousands and thousands of such sightings over the millennia, and as many in the modern era, This would mean the alien civilizations or cultures are either free of economic issues and/or time derivatives: they are able to come and go without worry of cost or distance traveled.

(I’ve noted here and at our other blogs that it seems strange such visitors would spend so much time here, at the Earth, when there are so many more interesting elements in the Universe through which they travel.)

And because of the recorded diversity of the “objects” and “beings” sighted, one has to assume that more than one – many actually – alien /extraterrestrial culture or race is involved.

Mr. Rudiak’s ET hypothesis is sane and sensible, in its way. But the hypothesis has to treat the issues of how such visitations can be funded or why they continue unabated, without regard for those beings flying them.

If they are robot controlled, what’s the mechanism by which those robots have been produced.

That is, from where does the technology derive? How is it produced? In what economic milieu?

Yes, UFOs may be caused by extraterrestrials, but there’s much more to the ETH that needs clarification.