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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

UFOs are NOT an essential part of The "Divine" Matrix

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We have presented here and at our other blogs a hypothesis about existence: The God Game or Game of God.

We might call it The “Divine” Matrix, but we would wish to make certain that we are not talking about existence as a computer simulation, an idea that we do not eschew necessarily.

But our concept is more tangible, actual as it were.

Someone or something is playing with existence.

One can call it God or the gods. Or the Force, or The Others.

No one knows what seemingly intelligent force controls life and the Universe; it might simply be natural laws, physical laws or quantum laws.

But in our context here, we’d like to, again, iterate that flying saucers and UFOs have never been and are not integral to The God Game, or the supposed computer simulation, or even that natural, common sense evolutionary thesis of Darwin.

Despite what Ancient Alien theorists thinks or extraterrestrial enthusiasts believe, UFOs are peripheral to our existence. They always have been.

We’ll elaborate on that upcoming.

But meanwhile, this entry in David Ritchie’s UFO: The Definitive Guide to Unidentified Flying Objects and related Phenomena [MJF Books, NY, 1994, Page 101] provides a clue, as do other entries in the book as to why UFOs are a perverse insertion into the affairs of men or The Game of God:


Do you see why?