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Sunday, April 14, 2013

CDA: A little like Jesus?


Our “friend” and diligent skeptic, Brit Christoper Allan aka CDA, has a unique (miraculous) knack for keeping alive or bringing back to life members of the UFO community who have died or have been marginalized by the saner elements of the UFO collective.

CDA who relishes a special place within Kenneth Randle’s blog and ours, here, somewhat, takes, as he did recently, the clutter dumped into the comment section of Mr. Randle’s blog and brings it from the indifference the clutter generates with only a few words: Incident no. 79? were the reviving words this time.

That quick question resurrected the clumps of material taken from other sites and sources and gave it a brief life it didn’t deserve – the plush effluvia was useless input, as usual by the person offering it.

CDA does this with David Rudiak and Kevin Randle himself, but those two fellows are real UFO researchers, so CDA’s life-generating retorts are germane and useful.

But keeping the massive destructive input of the person smothering Mr. Randle’s blog currently is not a gracious act of Christian benevolence but, rather, a disservice to unique suggestions about the UFO phenomenon.

CDA did something similarly with that psychotic masturbator of the King’s English, saluting him until CDA realized how perverse the cacophony of words were and are.

CDA would do well to keep his life-restoring words to himself when he sees material that the rest of us find obtuse and/or obscene.

Let the remarks of the younger, saner paranormalists – Kimball, Redfern, Dominick, Kandinsky, PG, Peters, Chomsky, et al. – take hold, and allow the dead, sickening few die, as they have at other venues, only showing up at Mr. Randle’s blog because Mr. Randle is a good soul, letting people write things at his site which the rest of us with blogs and sites do not allow.

So Christopher, be discerning. Know that some UFO people have been exiled within the UFO community and just because they show up at Mr. Randle’s blog and allowed to input their graffiti , their material is not worthy of life or dissemination.

Be truly Christian CDA, and let the dead remain dead.