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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ray Beaming UFOs [Redux]

The following colloquy comes about because Netwing was unable to comment (for some reason) at the blog, and the beaming UFOs posting of the other day.

I thought the video was important and what Netwing had to say about the person who provided it via YouTube.

Have you viewed what may be the most notorious, contemporary beam-spewing UFO video on YouTube?  The popular interpretation is that the underlying terrain is being analyzed, or perhaps mapped.

What's the point?

If there's purpose behind any of these manifestations, it may be simply to capture the observer's attention.  Of late, there appears to be a bit of posturing by some of these objects.  "Dress up" as allurement for jaded witnesses.

I enjoy your blog very much.  Less so, Mr. Duensing's convoluted comments.

Hi ho


Fascinating and the asides during the video are hilarious.

It's a great UFO beaming video.

Can you add the link and what you said in your e-mail as a comment at the blog, for others to enjoy?


Thanks for taking time to view the video, and for your response.

Alison’s a funny and very driven citizen researcher who’s spent thousands she could ill afford to part with on equipment used to document the activity of plasma-orb-to-fake-plane UFOs in her local hotspot.  She’d uploaded nearly 200 videos to her other, main YouTube channel before it was hacked into and all the videos removed.  Orb UFOs are seen arriving, resting in foliage at ground level, transforming into airborne craft, landing, and departing.  A few of her best videos have been lost, others not re-uploaded.

The point, for her, has been to entice someone, anyone with scientific expertise, to come to Murrysville to make a serious study of the UFO activity taking place there.  No luck so far.

Sadly, because her expensive equipment has been falling into disrepair, she seldom posts videos at this time.  Instead, she encourages other witnesses to file MUFON reports, and shares videos of their sightings.

I don’t have a Google account to allow me to comment on your posts.  Feel free to share the link to Alison’s beamer with your readers if you like.

Every warm wish,