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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The UFO Propulsion System?


Scouring through our archived material, I came across a paper, entitled 21st Century Propulsion Concept.

Seventy-three pages with references to anti-gravity and electrostatic systems that have been tested over the years, at the behest of the United States Air Force, complicit with the United State Navy (of course).

I've selected portions of the PDF to highlight the abstruse content.

Note the references: experimental devices, Anti-Gravity discs, The Flying Saucer [movie], Flying Apparatus, and UFO Encounter I:


The paper more than hints that the U.S. militaries have been studying and testing propulsion systems with some connections to flying saucers.

Why that connection?

I've included captures from the paper which interested parties might wish to pursue.

The Navy always shows up in these accounts of esoteric experiments and tests, even though the experiments and tests are for things that fly. not things that sail.

I'm interested in your comments.