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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Luke Ford [UFO DNA] Analyzes the Chiles-Whitted sighting and Heflin's Photos


We received this missive from our friend Luke Ford of the UFO DNA site:

Hi, I've started doing some original research again after a delay of a couple years and the first results are:

Chiles Redux - a reexamination of the classic Blue Book unknown Chiles case, going back to original source documents, showing conclusively it was an earth-grazing meteor, not a B-29-sized cigar-shaped spacecraft: 

Heflin Again - absolutely positively proving again the photos were faked, of a very small object close to the camera - but why the interest of aerospace companies in the sighting? 

I would be glad if you could link to them or repost if you find them of value.

Luke Ford

Luke's scrutiny of the 1948 Chiles-Whitted sighting and Heflin's saucer photos noted here are worth your examination.