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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

From The Library of Congress Bibliography of flying saucer/UFO material extant up to and including 1969.


Lynn E. Catoe once provided a complete Bibliography for The Library of Congress of UFO/flying saucer materials up to and through 1969.

I've culled listings from that Bibliography which have some connection to items we've discussed at this blog or which are so quirky that they need to be reviewed.

I'll place the mountain of material I think you might like or that which may lead you to obscure and/or well-known UFO reports and stories that you'd like to pursue, or heard about but don't remember the source.

This first installment (one of many to come) are listings of alleged abductions, but not the usual Alien Abductions that have taken hold in UFO lore.

These are early stories or accounts by people who think or say they were taken aboard a flying saucer and flown someplace bizarre or had a weird experience -- but, again, not the medical probe accounts or frightening reports  that are reported nowadays.

Click HERE to access the page of Bibliographic notations.

N.B. I have nothing more about the listings than what you'll find in them. You'll have to Google information from the listings to get details.