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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Aztec/Roswell Aliens and The New “Evidence”?

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Frank Scully, in his 1950 book Behind the Flying Saucers (which many of you haven’t read), describes the alleged extraterrestrial crew that “landed” in Aztec.

His details are fine-pointed and far from fictive; the descriptions seem realistic and without fictional ornamentation.

This image from the superb book, The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters, compiled and edited by Ronald D. Story [New American Library, NY 2001, Page 264] closely approximates Scully’s descriptive flying saucer pilots:


Scully’s depiction, written in 1949 for the 1950 publication of Behind…is the first representation of what has come to be known as the gray/grey UFO aliens.

Nowhere before had such a description been made – not among the hundreds of sightings in the Vallee/Aubeck compendium, Wonders in the Sky nor in any other publication.

One of the first images, in the modern era of UFOs, of a supposed flying saucer being is this one, also from Story’s book (above):


Nothing like Scully’s refined description.

As Nick Redfern, in his book tells us, Contactees of the 1950s didn’t employ Scully’s unique description, instead using exotic beings more like humans as their alien contacts.

And as Jose Caravaca’s flush examples of UFO encounters at his blog [The Caravaca Files] shows, beings debarking from UFOs reported in the 1950s, also did not resemble Scully’s saucer pilot; the accounts displaying robotic or human-like creatures and odd humanoids, but nothing like Scully’s little men.

Extraterrestrials, depicted as “grays,” did not appear until 1961, in the Betty and Barney Hill ‘abduction.”


Then not again until 1975 when Travis Walton was allegedly taken aboard a craft and his kidnappers shown looking like this:


Supposed alien abductees [experiencers] usually indicate gray-like beings were their tormentors.

And the grays have now transmogrified into this:


Scully’s Aztec beings were unique, at the time of his writing, which indicates either imaginative writing on Scully’s part or an actual account of what was seen in Aztec, in 1948…..but wait.

Scully only thought he was telling readers of an Aztec flying saucer “landing.”

That’s what he was told.

He was actually recounting the Roswell incident, disguised by his informants as outlined in out earlier posting here.

Those of you who want to know more about the rumored “new evidence” discovered by Kevin Randle’s Dream Team will find hints of that evidence in Scully’s Aztec rendering in his book.

But if you don’t want to employ ratiocination, you will get a major clue as to what the “new evidence” is on Page 505 of the Story book noted above.

(We've been informed that the clue appears on page 606 of the U.K. Robinson paperback edition of Story's book.) 

Yes, that’s right…..a major clue.

And these are our last comments on the matter, until the Dream Team brings forth what it has found and proven during its revived Roswell investigation.