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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Everyone is being watched, not just UFO people.


This tells those of you alarmed by the Navy and other government agencies seemingly perusing UFO internet sites, as noted in Anthony Bragalia's piece here the other day that it's not just UFO copy that is being scrutinized but everything, no matter how banal or insipid.

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Leon Davidson connects to Nick Redfern and notes the Roswell/Aztec evidence [in 1962]

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Dr. Leon Davidson provided a paper in 1962 entitled An Open Letter to Saucer Researchers. Jim Moseley reprinted that paper in 1967.

He anticipated Nick Redfern’s ongoing theses that the U.S. Government and its military agencies were and are behind flying saucer/UFO sightings.

And, for our purposes, he notes something about a Roswell psy-op that appears in Scully’s book, Behind the Flying Saucers, about Aztec.

Here are the last two paragraphs of the paper:

The man I feel sorriest for in all of this is Major Keyhoe.  He has been ill-used by the CIA and is still being fed stories to relay to the public.  In Flying Saucers - Top Secret pages 18-20, he thinks that he is telling a story of an actual interplanetary saucer sighting when it is obvious that the case he describes is a "dress rehearsal" of a psychological warfare gimmick which "simulates" a flying saucer (to "scare" crews of enemy planes???).

The way in which (on pages 19 and 20) the crewmen were interviewed and made to write reports on what they thought they saw and also shown photographs to match they had seen sounds just like what the CIA would do in a "field test" of a new psychological warfare gimmick.  It is quite similar to the test made in 1950 on college people as described on pages 5 and 6 of Scully's saucer book.

The full paper may be found HERE and/or HERE.

This shows me that the past can be prologue and we should not be quick to eschew older flying saucer accounts or writings about them.

We’ll come back to Dr. Davidson’s insights upcoming.