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Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Rubin Report -- UFOs

In the newest episode of The Rubin Report, a current events panel show on The Young Turks Network, the host and panel discuss the recent increase in UFO sightings throughout Canada. UFO sightings in Canada doubled in 2012 with 1,981 sightings reported, compared to 986 reports in 2011. 

Included in the video is compilation footage of UFO sightings,

Click HERE to see video of show.

The Rubin Report is a current events panel show on The Young Turks Network hosted by Dave Rubin. The show is a cutting-edge mix of comedy, news, politics, and celebrity interviews. Launched in February of 2013, The Rubin Report is the newest addition to TYT network, home to the largest online news show in the world. Dave is the former host of his own SiriusXM radio show and is known for his comedic take on politics, news and media.