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Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Uncropped Ron Hill Photograph

Terry the Censor has been kind enough to provide the full photo that teen Ron Hill took in 1967, which we highlighted earlier here.


I find that photo to be very interesting -- if a hoax, nicely done; if not -- fascinating.


Again -- The Socorro Insignia (or symbol)

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The clue to what Police Officer Lonnie Zamora experienced in Socorro in 1964 lies in the red-colored insignia he saw and drew,

Unfortunately there are two symbols extant that purport to be what he saw:



The second symbol, above, is said by Ray Stanford and others to be the real symbol.

The first, and better known symbol, is said by Stanford and others to be a ruse by the Air Force Captain on the scene to prevent someone from coming forward claiming to have seen the real symbol: the inverted V with three stripes through it.

(I asked Mrs. Zamora, when I talked with here in 2005, which symbol was what her husband actually saw. She indicated it was the "one with the half-circle above an arrow with a line under it.")

Most UFO buffs accept the common symbol as the one seen and authenticated by Officer Zamora as the insignia he saw on the side of  the egg-shaped craft.

We have scoured magazines, books, and the internet for several years, looking for a such a symbol spotted in other UFO sightings, especially those that were of egg-shaped UFOs,

The only thing that was similar -- to the "supposed real symbol" (the first one above) -- was this symbol seen by Gary Chopic in Simi Valley California, in 1973:


Not anywhere close to the common symbol or insignia and only slightly similar to the supposed real symbol.

This means, for me, that Officer Zamora's insignia was and is unique. It is a one-of-a-kind insignia.

And that indicates that the episode or 1964 event was a unique and/or one-of-a-kind event.

This goes to Tony Bragalia's hoax scenario -- where The New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology created a fireworks/balloon array to fool Officer Zamora whom they disliked because he allegedly picked on them.

The students created the symbol to mark their endeavor but I can find no connection with anything at their school or organizations that point to a creative hoax.

No, as much as Mr. Bragalia has marshaled material supporting his view, I find it wanting for a number of reasons, mostly to do with the departure of the craft -- the speed and height.

Yes, that departure is flummoxed by Officer Zamora losing his glasses and vision during the departure, which opens the door to Mr. Bragalia's hoax scenario, but others saw the craft flying overhead and Officer Zamora, even with poor vision, temporarily, would unlikely mistake a balloon tethered to some fireworks for a craft speeding away towards the mountains.....however.

All that aside, I and the RRRGroup maintain, still and continuously, that the explanation for the 1964 Socorro event lies in that damn insignia -- either one of them if you will.