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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Alien Purpose

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While rummaging trough some recent UFO downloads, I found a paper by Paul R Hill from the invaluable StealthSkater site -- Unconventional Flying Objects: a Scientific Analysis.

When I read these  paragraphs from the paper, I was about to dismiss the content out of hand:

The great majority of the [UFO] occupants could not pass for human beings. This always makes me wonder why people like to quibble over whether UFOs are extraterrestrial.

When non-human aliens are seen de-boarding from strange spacecraft, who do people think they are?

With high-performance starships and scout ships for local runs, they seem very well-equipped to get here from any home base within a thousand light years (and no telling how much further). The fact that our humanoid alien visitors come in such a variety of sizes and types -- and that the detailed designs of the scout ships vary so markedly -- points to the conclusion that our visitors are from no one place but that we are seeing a parade of visitors from various and numerous stellar civilizations

But then I found Mr. Hill writing this near the end of his paper:

The main evidence as to the aliens' purpose here (unless you choose to believe those who go out in the other dimension to chat with our visitors and report that they are here to save us) is that our visitors are collecting samples of everything imaginable. They collect soil, minerals, water, wild and domesticated plants, wild and domesticated animals, and even people on occasion. This makes me think that UFOs are manned by scientists and their staffs on cosmic exploration. If good planetary living sites are becoming scarce, aren't the aliens apt to be gathering data on which to base the choice of new homesites?

There is a SciFy plausibility to Mr. Hill’s admittedly non-scientific conjecture.

The idea is acceptable……except for this, which I have argued for some time now.

Earthling think their planet is unique and awe-inspiring if viewed from space, and it is, rather.

But Earth lies within an non-descript solar system, tucked away inside a remote area of the Milky Way, amongst a gazillion other galaxies in the known Universe.

How would extraterrestrial civilizations know about our tiny, hidden-way Earth?

What would provoke a vast army of extraterrestrial scientists or visitors to make a trip to such a remote location and site, or even know about it?

Is there a Galatic Google Search Engine that such diverse creatures with their diverse craft use to find such places as our truly exotic Earth?

Are there no other more exotic planets in the Universe, closer to alleged advanced alien civilizations?

For me, the idea that Earth is such a magnificent attraction it induces alien cultures to apply cost and danger to many, many trips here is ludicrous.

But who really knows the alien mind?

Yes, Mr. Hill’s views are SciFi-like, and maybe at the fringe of rationality, but they can be considered by those with open minds – really cavernous open minds.

Mr. Hill’s whole paper may be found here:

And more about Paul Hill may be found here: