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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kevin Randle’s Roswell Dream Team Cover-Up on the Paracast

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Kevin Randle made an appearance on Gene Steinberg’s Paracast show this past week [June 25-29, 2013].

A link to the broadcast may be found in the Anomalist listings for June 30th at Anomalist.com

What a hoot.

The show was a mish-mash of misinformation and dodges by Steinberg and Randle.

Steinberg brought up that Tony Bragalia, of Randle’s Roswell Dream team, had presented the Aztec is Roswell thesis.

Tony Bragalia wouldn’t even consider such a goofy idea (which is mine) and has disavowed any connection to such a bizarre notion.

Mr. Randle didn’t correct Steinberg’s gaffe.

Steinberg then went on to excoriate Mr. Bragalia for not accepting an invitation to appear on the Paracast show.

Randle and Steinberg offered reasons why Mr. Bragalia turned down the offer: Mr. Bragalia is secretive, Mr. Bragalia might be good as a writer but not as a radio guest, Mr. Bragalia wants his voice to remain private and unheard.

The real reason Mr. Bragalia won’t appear on Mr. Steinberg’s show is that he (Bragalia), like me, find Mr. Steinberg’s recent pleas for money to help him with his personal finances to be disingenuous and off-putting.

(Mr. Bragalia is a man of high ethic and moral behavior.)

Randle, when pressed, by Steinberg, about new information on Roswell that he and his Dream Team were working on, Mr. Randle offered that the Team was re-scrutinizing the Ramey Memo – which David Rudiak and others have made attempts to decipher.

Randle also indicated that he had checked White Sands for rocket mishaps and found none for the Roswell time-frame.

At no time did Mr. Randle bring up the suggestion that he and his Dream Team have discovered a photo of an "alien" body, on a slab or palette, which was taken by a geologist who, with members of a geological team, stumbled upon in an area north of Roswell in July 1947.

Randle, earlier in the broadcast, said that the Aztec con-men (Newton and GeBauer) had used Roswell information in their scheme to create an Aztec crash which gave them advanced alien technology that could be used to find hidden minerals and oil.

That’s pretty close to my hypothesis that Aztec, in Scully’s book, is a disguised version of what happened at Roswell, one year earlier than the alleged Aztec incident.

Again, Mr. Randle is hem-hawing about Roswell, and putting his spin on that 1947 episode.

That he didn’t disabuse Mr. Steinberg of his misinformation about Mr. Bragalia and the Aztec is Roswell thesis is appalling.

That he didn’t have the guts to tell Mr. Steinberg some people will not appear on The Paracast for ethical reasons is also disheartening.

As PurrlGurrl and others keep reminding us, Roswell will get the same cockeyed spin, from Mr. Randle’s Dream Team, as it has for the past sixty-six years.

Listen to the show to hear what one can expect or not expect from Mr. Randle’s Roswell regurgitation.