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Monday, July 01, 2013

"Aztec is Roswell" as interpreted by Jose Antonio Caravaca

Our Spanish correspondent and colleague, Jose Caravaca, has provided at his blog for his Spanish followers an extensive summary of the Roswell and (alleged) Aztec incidents, working them into the "Aztec is Roswell" thesis we have been ballyhooing here.

Click HERE to access his thoroughly erudite presentation. (Use Google translation to read it in English.)

Kudos to Senor Caravaca, for his exemplary survey of the issues.


A Substantive Podcast (to remove the taste of the Paracast show from your palate)

Two bona fide UFO "experts" -- Paul Kimball and Micah Hanks -- recently indulged in a back-and-forth podcast, which Paul was kind enough to send this way.

Click HERE for a conversation, about UFOs and other things that truly edifies.