UFO Conjectures

Saturday, July 06, 2013

A Roswell Dream Team?

If one were to set up a study team to research a UFO incident, say, like Roswell, how would it or should it be done?

First, one would select bona fide experts in psychology, sociology, mineralogy, aircraft engineering, meteorology, military secrecy, and forensics, to cite the obvious categories.

Then, after doling out assignments to the experts, one would establish a regular schedule of meetings by the “team” to hash out what and how they are doing.

Members would set aside extracurricular activities during the team’s sojourn.

That means book and conference tours, book writings, radio and TV appearances and forays into other UFO episodes would be set aside while the “team” concentrated on the project at hand.

A web-site would be established to keep the UFO community apprised of how the team was progressing, and the team’s effort would be ongoing and timely – no delay or dragging of feet, so the project wouldn’t ossify before it came to fruition.

A concentrated/determined end-time would be set to complete the project, insuring that something would be accomplished, if an explanation seemed to be available.

Elements of the Roswell incident that could not be answered or explained would be acknowledged and conjectures about those unanswerable elements could be passed on to those in the UFO community who think Roswell is a topic worthy of continued study.

Roswell does not answer the question of what UFOs are. A real Roswell Dream Team can only clarify what happened in or near Roswell in July 1947.

That episode (or episodes) only pertains to an incident that seems to have little or no bearing on the UFOs of history or the present time.

But if one wants to engage in a refurbished and clean account of the 1947 Roswell event, they would do so to make the record clear, not to ameliorate past investigatory mistakes or to enhance any biases about what Roswell’s event might have been.

Does this seem like what Kevin Randle’s Roswell Dream Team is doing?

You decide.