UFO Conjecture(s)

Sunday, July 07, 2013

The Teleology of UFOs?

Teleology is the belief that natural processes are purposefully directed toward some end or goal.

Are UFOs natural processes?

They seem to be; that is, there is a tendency, on the part of rational persons, to see UFOs as tangible (in a sense) and natural because they have been seen to maneuver as natural objects, even when they depart from what other objects can do: speed, turns, sudden disappearances, et cetera.

But is there a goal or end in the UFO process? None that anyone has been able to discern.

UFOs don’t operate on or use Newtonian principles.

UFOs are more quantum-like: uncertain and bizarre.

This disturbs those who like to understand that with which they are confronted, either in fact or metaphorically.

One can cite all the UFO sightings extant but still have no idea what the end-game or purpose of UFOs may be.

If one sees an aircraft of human design in flight, one can assume, rightfully, that the aircraft is determined to get from an identifiable point A to point B.

A UFO, seen in flight, is just an object with no observable purpose. It’s not going from point A to point B. And it doesn’t really seem to be engaging in aerial displays to enchant or entertain.

The airships of the 1890s operated, seemingly, with no definable purpose.

Kenneth Arnold’s “saucers” came from nowhere and went nowhere.

The Washington D.C, “blips” of 1952 came from nowhere and went nowhere also.

Even UFOs or “flying saucers” that made it to point B (from some unknown point A) abruptly departed to an ethereal Point C, which has always remained hidden.

Observation of UFOs, like quantum particles, remain elusive.

Unlike the deterministic nature of normal flying objects (airplanes, for example), UFOs present the non-deterministic nature of quantum particles or waves.

As coherence is a quantum problem, so too coherence is a problem when it comes to UFOs.

Observations of UFOs merely exacerbates uncertainty. No one has, credibly, shown by observation that UFOs have a purpose, a teleology.

This is the crux of the UFO enigma: the phenomenon has no basis in Newtonian reality and that makes for difficulty on the part of those intrigued by or studying the phenomenon.

Are UFOs worthy of study? Are quantum particles/waves worthy of study?