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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Roswell and UFOs generally: Nuance

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While many of us have hammered Kevin Randle’s Dream Team and its efforts or seeming lack thereof, one has to assume the DT members are looking at variable Rosswell elements.

I know that some members have discovered overlooked material and information, discarded information, and hidden (by authorities?) information.

And although some regular visitors here get distended intellectually and emotionally when Roswell is mentioned, Roswell still resonates with those outside the UFO community, such as Google, as noted by its recent web-site graphic and Huffington which continues to mine the Roswell saga.

Burying Roswell is not going to happen unless and until it has an objective resolution.

Again, Roswell doesn’t impact the UFO phenomenon, as we know that phenomenon, but it does present a minor enigma or mystery, not unlike other enigmas such as what really happened to Amelia Earhart or the disappearances of Judge Crater, Ambroise Bierce or Jimmy Hoffa.


Some people are fascinated by such “minor mysteries” or other mysteries, such as that which CDA mentioned recently, The Shroud of Turin.

So let’s proceed with the idea that Roswell is still worthy of conjecture and/or study.

In the Roswell saga there are, obviously, details that lie dormant, smothered by biases and overt manifestations which have subsumed the forensics at hand; that is, such things as the debris mess or Mogul explanation, or the varying witness accounts, some blatantly false or mistaken.

But there are details that survive, outside of Roswell, such as the Battelle study of memory metal which Anthony Bragalia has established as fact, not fancy.


Battelle’s own records say the metal studied came from Roswell, 1947.

That is grist for investigation and proof.

In all UFO events, there are minute details and leanings where nuance is needed.

Jose Antonio Caravaca has provided reams of UFO encounters where minute details provide nuance – nuance for a neurological/psychological interpretation, or a mental/physiological mishap, or even an intrusion by some force or entity that brings the events to occurrence.

In the Socorro case, one of my favorites as you know, the loss of Officer Zamora’s glasses during his observed crafts departure is nuanced information that had been neglected by UFO dilettantes.

Officer Zamora’s observation of two white overall clothed beings is an observation that nuances the sighting. It tells us something significant, but no one has pursued that detail significantly, nor has anyone, besides us, pursued the Zamora-spotted insignia/symbol seriously. That is the key to the Socorro event.

In the Pascagoula abduction, there is a hint of a relationship between Parker and Hickson that needs clarification, psychologically. That will help explain the “abduction scenario.”


The inter-racial marriage of Betty and Barney Hill is one that needs scrutiny, for its time, which may help explain part of their experience.


Nuance is important.

UFO people usually ignore subtle elements that show up in sighting accounts.

The UFO crowd goes for the dramatic or blatant vicissitudes of UFO events, vicissitudes that augment their mind-sets or intellectual biases.

If it weren’t so time-necessary and ultimately irrelevant, one would do well to examine how and why UFO people are so obtuse, intellectually and emotionally.


Just doing so for visitors here would be interesting, for psychologists and/or sociologists.

But that for another time, perhaps.