UFO Conjecture(s)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ufology’s Creep

Roaming the halls of UFO blogs and web-sites is a long-time unemployed man who lives with his mother in California.

The man barrages us with deranged comments that don’t see the light of day as he’s curbed by our spam blocker.

But he insists on trying to insert inane and meaningless drivel or snide remarks knowing that he’s banned here.

More importantly, he’s ignored or banned from other sites also.

While he sometimes gets a blob of purloined material online at Kevin Randle’s blog  – Mr. Randle a little loose about moderating his blog – Mr. Randle finds this man repugnant, as does our colleague Anthony Bragalia.

We see a spate of notes at UFO UpDates by this person but they are ignored by the Listers there also.

This man is too self-absorbed to know that he is a pariah in the UFO community.

You can see his infantile mind in the queer emoticons he employs in the material he takes from various UFO sites and passes off as his own.

A while back we asked our corporate attorney to gather the public and private records of this bloke.

They are disturbing.

We are noting this for-now nameless person as a cautionary note for those who inadvertently respond to his comments – Lance Moody did so recently at Randle’s blog – encouraging the man to continue bombarding UFO sites with screwy material.

He is to be shunned and we’ve posted his public record online at our UFO web-site, which we’ll provide to accredited UFO researchers.

You can guess at who he is, but it doesn’t matter much. He’s on his way to oblivion as we out this malevolent presence in the UFO community.