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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


My name is Richard Starbuck and I am a professional artist, I have shown internationally in galleries in London, New York and Berlin. Most recently, I was shortlisted for the Threadneedle Art Prize 2012 and showcased on "London's Up and Coming" Saatchi 2013. A lot of my work is inspired by UFO stories..

I have recently started a kickstarter project:

Ufology: a series of paintings inspired from historic UFO sightings frozen in time on reclaimed computer screens.

I was hoping you would have the time to check it out.

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UFO Encounter Antecedent to Villas Boas and Socorro

Copyright 2013, InterAmerica, Inc.

Our colleague and friend Spanish researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca provides an “alien encounter” from August 1956.

What’s interesting to me are the similarities to the Villas Boas case in October of 1957, one year later than this incident.

And, importantly, as I see it, a recollected “symbol” that resembles the 1964 Socorro insignia spotted by Police Officer Lonnie Zamora:

One night in August 1956, Orlando Ferraudi, 18, had been fishing in the Rio de la Plata, on the coast of the city of Buenos Aires.

At about 23.30 hours, something approached from behind Orlando. It was a humanoid about two meters tall, blond, with very short hair, white skin with honey colored eyes.

He clothed in a one-piece, yellow/orange suit that emitted little "sparks." The suit had a hood that fell on the back.

This "being" provided a mental message that calmed the witness.

The humanoid then took out a small circular object that gave off a very intense light.

From the river came an object, in the form of inverted saucer, about 70 meters in diameter.


When it reached Orlando’s and the humanoid’s position, it deployed a metal ramp from which Orlando entered the object.

Inside was a bright room with a little girl called Elena, 11, who was allegedly abducted from her home in Villa Mercedes (San Luis Province - Argentina).

The ship rose and traveled outside the atmosphere. After several minutes it descended and submerged itself in the Caribbean, for a few seconds of underwater navigation. Orlando saw on the sea-bed a kind of transparent dome, under which there were several saucer-like craft.

Orlando estimated the structure to be about five or six hectare.

He was taken to another room, which contained two stretchers and strange instruments.


Orlando was given a thick liquid similar to honey without any taste, and some pills that looked like little colored eggs.

He fell asleep, on a pillow with lights.


After waking he was shown the inside of the ship and given several explanations on different issues and matters.

He was returned to the shore.

Orlando remembered seeing a strange symbol that was closely related to the aliens.