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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Roswell Mess

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We always end up with a skirmish here when we present a Roswell title.

To end those controversial imbroglios, let me suggest that defenders and skeptics of the Roswell saga, read the concise and cogent Wikipedia entry on Roswell.

A couple of things that the Wikipedia article make clear include the evolution and errant details about Roswell that appeared in many books, some by members of Kevin Randle’s Roswell Dream Team.

Randle (himself), Tom Carey, and Donald Schmitt all contributed to Roswell misinformation in books and appearances from the 1980s until the present day.

(Randle’s Roswell Dream Team is, mostly, a mea culpa exercise I think.)

Stanton Friedman and Don Berliner, in Crash at Corona, were near the truth about the location of the Roswell event, but got miscarried by Mr. Friedman’s obtuse obsession with the fraudulent MJ-12 documents and went off on tangents that took them from their original insight(s) into hoaxville territory. They missed the Roswell boat, as it were, but they were close to some truths.

Mr. Friedman has lost much of his credibility because of his MJ-12 championing, and the Randle/Carey/Schmitt coupling is tainted by that group’s past mistakes and error-filled research.

The current Roswell Dream Team make-up also includes David Rudiak, Chris Rutkowski, and our colleague, Anthony Bragalia.

Rutkowski is above reproach, in the UFO community. Mr. Rudiak is scorned for his heavy ET bias, but generally respected for his dogged research into UFO minutiae that counts. Mr. Bragalia is controversial for presenting hypotheses that are new but germane to the UFO enigma.

Those three guys can’t offset the Randle/Carey/Schmitt patina of misbegotten Roswell information they earlier promoted.

But a major breakthrough with new Roswell finds could help cleanse the stench of the early missteps. One can only hope that the Dream Team doesn’t drop the ball this time around.

So, if you are a Roswell skeptic, the Wikipedia account will bolster your stance.

If you are a Roswell flying disc crash believer, you have little to hang on to within the Wikipedia account, but there is always the Dream Team’s discoveries-to be.

Just don’t hold your breath, as the Dream Team is working inside a Rip Van Winkle time-line, thinking the UFO community will bear with its tardy or sub rosa approach.