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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Going, going gone....

Bruce Duensing provided this as part of a comment. (I thought it worthy of better attention.)

"I was surprised to find UFO Mystic has vanished as NR seems to have consolidated his focus on his literary output. One of the saner compendiums and commentaries is no longer with us. With the passing of Tonnies, the fairly invisible Paul K and now UFO Mystic, an era seems to have folded back onto itself as having passed. Its interesting to consider how for some things, time moves on, and for others,like Roswell, the subjects never age, as if they were a petrified forest, inhabited by ghosts." 

Yes, some former UFO notables are leaving the topic (for now or forever).

The enigma has been swallowed up by nonsense and regurgitation that sickens the astute mind (Roswell, for instance).

UFOs as an internet topic is too entrenched and controlled by radicals or delusional persons -- or those who corrupt the discussion with snark and insane and inane retorts (The Ulofology Creep, for example).

Is there a way back to a UFO dialogue and input that is rational and intellectually bolstered? (Was it ever thus?)

We'll have to see...


The Navy and UFOs

Our colleague Anthony Bragalia came across a posting by Michael Swords [aka The Professor], our favorite UFO geezer and an erudite researchers by any definition, referencing the overlooked (by UFO mavens) U.S. Navy association with and about UFOs.

We've harped on this topic for many years ourselves -- maybe that's where The Professor got his inspiration -- and think UFO aficionados would do well to search for substantial UFO information within the U.S. Navy's panoply of material online and off.

Click HERE for Professor Swords' take on the matter.