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Friday, July 19, 2013

Scientology is no religion, and Ufology is not science

The Ufology Society International provides a rational overview of what "ufology" is or isn't.

Click HERE for the site and its clarification(s).

The term "ufology" should be scrapped. It has acquired encrustations that make it a joke.

Also, some UFO notables should take a back seat now; that is, they should operate under the radar, as their presence and/or pronouncements have undermined UFOs, almost as much as news media has.

The news media, by overlaying UFO reports with a giggle, have undermined the  phenomenon and study of it much more than the errant UFO researchers and quacks, but the persons sycophan- tically adored by UFO buffs (Friedman, Clark, even Vallee, among others) have denigrated the topic by their pushy biases that have no stature in science or even hypothetical processing.

UFOs have a ring of nuttiness, as those reading this well know.

There is no way to escape that, so one who wishes to be seen by his or her social partners as normal or a rational being has to keep a low UFO profile or be subject to subliminal (or sometimes overt) opprobrium.

UFOs (or ufology) are a secret vice, an irrational hobby for those disenchanted by life's everyday struggles and insanity.

Moreover, UFO aficionados (myself included) should examine their addiction to the UFO vice. Is it a healthy mental exercise?

What is the attraction? UFOs have no practical value. Even if an explanation was forthcoming for the phenomenon, what would that provide in the way of practical living endeavors? Little or nothing, one has to objectively admit.

But since society has accepted the idea that scientology is a religion, maybe ufology will attain, eventually, its own similar, societal imprimatur.

Ha! Who am I kidding?

It ain't ever gonna happen.

Ufology is moribund, near death, and UFOs, the phenomenon, is not far behind.