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Friday, August 02, 2013


A Google+ "friend" -- Celalettin Karagül -- provided this sighting with an evaluation:


Some will find it interesting.


UFOs: What Were They?

UFO buffs have got to realize and/or admit that the UFO phenomenon has faded, from view, literally, and from the public consciousness.

Yes, UFOs are allegedly still be sighted; that is observations of odd things in the skies are being reported by people – but not being ubiquitously photographed, even though almost everyone has a camera or smart-phone camera ability at their disposal and in their hand(s).

Solving the nature of the phenomenon has become daunting, even improbable, more so than in the past, when the enigma was palpable but still eluded scrutiny, even by those (military, serious UFO researchers, covert scientist, et al.) who pursued the mysterious lights or objects earnestly.

Exerting energy today on trying to understand UFOs must be relegated to a retrospective, forensic examination of past UFO events/sightings, where data and information is a little more substantial than the ephemeral fly-bys offered as UFO sightings by the phenomenon’s die-hards.

Looking at past UFO sightings/events galls many former UFO aficionados; they see such examinations as futile, even silly.

But spectacular UFOs, by their current absence, in the skies or via encounters, leave UFO mavens no other choice, but that of re-studying the things as they were.

(This is what motivates Kevin Randle’s Roswell Dream Team; they have nothing like a Roswell incident or anything else that will spur a renewed interest in UFOs that they can capitalize upon or salvage their years of wasted time and efforts on the elusive phenomenon.)

UFOs are now a kind of archaeological topic or historical remnant, to be study likewise.

We’ll continue to nibble at the UFO conundrum, past and (niggardly) present incarnations, integrating the subject matter into a cultural context when possible.

Yet we are really only left with the question atop this piece: UFOs, what were they?