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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Benevolent UFO Brothers.....Really!

Our colleague, esteemed Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca sends along a UFO event, from 1923, that is truly intriguing:

In Japan during the Kanto earthquake occurred at 11:58 pm on September 1, 1923, several residents of the city of Yokohama had an incredible close UFO encounter.

A terrible earthquake, 7'8 on the Richter scale, which lasted about15 minutes, had filled the city with ruins, fires and explosions.


Ms. K was with her husband, brother and three children were trying to leave their devastated home when the woman looked up and saw a bright object, shaped like a disc, which seemed to reflect the sun's rays.


The disc was larger than the full Moon. It was an oval-shaped artifact with a crystal dome on its top, and manned by two human-like beings, wearing tight outfits and bright blue helmets.
They had long noses and white skin.

One of the humanoids, through a window, pointed with his hand, for the witness, the way towards the outskirts of the city.


Ms. K. was convinced that thanks to the help given by the visitors they were able to avoid landslides and other hazards, which likely could be seen from the by the occupants in the UFO.

One of the witnesses was interviewed when he was 81 years old.

(The devastating earthquake caused at least 105,385 deaths and 37,000 other people disappeared.)


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