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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Piling On……Kevin Randle

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Why have we (the regulars to this blog and me) vented our spleens so vehemently over Paul Kimball’s podcast with Kevin Randle, hitting Mr. Randle from all sides?

Are we angry with Paul?

Some are, because he didn’t broach the “new evidence rumor” that I’ve played with here.

And some want Paul to be nasty, like other podcast and online forum or “radio” hosts.

But that’s not Paul’s style.

Paul Kimball is a true Canadian; a moderate, sensible polite guy whose smarter than most of us, and who keeps a temperate demeanor -- except when it comes to Gene Steinberg and Don Schmitt perhaps.

Paul conducted a revealing interview with Mr. Randle, asking the right question and summing up the current Roswell status for most UFO buffs.

PurrlGurrl provides the best counter, in her comment for the posting, to those who would give Paul an elbow.

So, are we out to nail Mr. Randle for the past Roswell gaffes that he and other UFO researchers have made, which has created the Roswell mess?

Yes, that’s part of it, but not all of it.

At this blog resides those who know there is something new in the works that seems to pertain to Roswell but Mr. Randle refuses to address this alleged new thing.

And I know why…

Mr. Randle and his Dream Team have been made privy to a “startling” item that could, supposedly, bring Roswell back into the UFO spotlight, in an interesting, dynamic way.

But the Dream Team doesn’t have permission to provide that “evidence” and are in a legal bind, some of them, that doesn’t allow disclosure without a litigious fall-out.

Moreover, the Dream Team wants to disclose the rumored “evidence” in a way that doesn’t besmirch it, before its significance is rendered properly: all the vetting that needs to be completed to make sure the “thing” is what it purports to be.

Mr. Randle, not talking about this new thing, irks some visitors here, me among them.

But you can see that it is an iffy proposition at this point in the renewed Roswell game.
So we are left to quibble over Mr. Randle’s regurgitation of the Ramey memo, which has been the providence of David Rudiak, one of the Dream Team members.

Mr. Rudiak is an avid ET proponent of the UFO ET hypothesis, and he believes, wholeheartedly, that an extraterrestrial flying saucer crashed near Roswell and the Army covered up the story, smothered the event with circumlocutions of many kinds.

So part of our pique is with Mr. Randle playing up Mr. Rudiak’s, wacky some say, Ramey memo content.

(I’ve addressed Mr. Randle’s statement in Paul’s podcast, about the supposed rendering of this part of the Ramey memo: “the victims of the crash.” That could refer, if legitimate, to an Earthian airplane crew or some people on the ground, not an ET contingent.)

And many don’t like it that Mr. Randle is tethered to Don Schmitt, a fellow with a set of UFO luggage that has never smelled right. (Mr. Schmitt is a Dream Team member.)

Also, some of us are vexed by Mr. Randle trotting out the names of Roswell ne’er-do-wells who are better forgotten that revived: Frank Kaufmann for one and Glenn Dennis for another.)

But what makes us go after Mr. Randle, primarily, is his status as a Roswell expert, even with his admitted mistakes over the years.

We want to nail Mr. Randle for those mistakes, even though he has apologized for them and the Dream Team’s instigation is partly to address and correct those mistakes.

These are some of the reasons we have piled on Kevin Randle, but not all.

One wordy regular here hates it that Mr. Randle uses as his online presence a photo of himself in a military uniform….to provide some kind of honorable cachet?

And a few regulars are just naturally snarky; they attack everything and everybody. It’s in their nature to be unforgiving of human frailty and/or human flaws, even little ones.

So, we’ve given Kevin Randle a kick in the shins here, even though many of us like and admire him.

That’s what we do at his blog. No one is safe from opprobrium, me included…but I control the comments so wayward attacks about me don’t see the light of day.

I feel a little badly that Paul’s podcast opened the door to a Randle-bashing but he (Mr. Randle) is a battle-scarred UFO and military veteran. He can handle whatever we throw at him surely.

Now who’s next?