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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blogs: UFO and Otherwise

Blogs were created as purveyers of personal views and/or opinion.

This blog was established with that premise in mind.

It is an obtuse iteration of the views held by me.

But I keep getting suggestions from others on how to run this blog.

What, I ask, is their motivation for trying to get me to create a blog that reflects their views rather than my own?

Is it because no one visits their blog venues and they wish to pirate some of my visitors ro ramp up their beleaguered enterprises?

After all I do get a nice raft of daily visitors here, even if many do not leave comments:

And there is a core clientele I respect and honor by inputting their observations even when they differ with mine.

But still I get these offers to alter my views, to state things in a way that isn't mine.

I am subservient to the purpose of blogging and blogs, as they were intended: views of a personal nature, a kind of diary of daily thought, innocuous, even stupid thought, but one's own.

So, you quidnuncs who keep badgering me to write as you might or to add your goofy ideas here, stop.

You will not be offered the opportunity to infuse this blog with views that are yours rather than mine.

One person wrote at another blog -- one of those by a regular here -- that I am a bully. Because I insist on having my blog be mine? Or because I edit it like the publisher of a magazine who keeps his or her media vehicle in line with their views and slant on life?

I just needed to vent....some of you will forgive me. Others will say I am whining.

But that is the nature of a blog, is it not?


Imagination creates reality? Yes, but….

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Nick Redfern’s Mysterious Universe piece, linked here (below) sparks cogitation.

Even though Nick keeps his conjecture within the realm of fantasied perception by a few who may have had too much to drink or just had a temporary mental quirk, the idea that imagination creates reality is a given.

But taking away the word “imagination” moves us into another area: Does thought create reality? Or matter?

Scouring the internet, one will find scads of new age ramblings “confirming” that thought can, indeed, create reality or matter.

But that’s foo-foo stuff.

The suggestion that thought, or mental activity, can create reality, tangibility from nothing, or things ex nihilo, prods us into an area generally limited to the domain of God.

Can thought create things? Perceptible, real things? That are touchable and actual in real philosophical and scientific terms?

The alchemists and Cabalists worked to create realities from machinations of chemistry or numbers. Yet from nothing but thought? Perhaps.

Let my premise to lie here, while I and you scour our bookshelves for works that address the issue.

And then let’s see if what we find can allow for the creation of UFO or UFO sightings and/or events, ex nihilo.

That would be something. Jose Caravaca’s Distortion Theory approaches the matter. As do the stains on Betty Hill’s dress and the marks on the Hill’s car from their alleged UFO encounter.

What about the Michalak chest burns from his Falcon Hill encounter? Or the spaceman who’s creeping up on Jim Templeton’s daughter?

More to come…