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Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Klass Act?

Phil Klass, even deader than a doornail, still receives opprobrium of a great kind.

Although he could be wretched, his critics insist, he still made sense when it came to UFOs, some UFO sightings/reports anyway.

For instance, David Richie, in his book UFO: The Definitive Guide to Unidentified Flying Objects and Related Phenomena [MJF Books, NY, 1994], in a segment on Klass writes this:

He [Klass] points out that almost half a century after the first reported recovery of UFO debris in the so-called Roswell incident, space technology still depends upon chemical-fueled rocket boosters for launches. Had advanced “alien” technology become available through the crash and subsequent recovery of an extraterrestrial spacecraft, it seem highly unlikely that chemical rockets would still be in such widespread use. [Page 120]

And this:

Another Klass’s principles is that numerous UFO sightings appear baffling and inexplicable merely because investigators have not done an adequate job of investigating. [Op. cit]

Being nasty doesn’t necessarily denote errant thinking. As Paul Johnson notes in his book, Intellectuals, many great thinkers were mean-spirited.

So, Phil Klass may be derogated, but that doesn’t mean he was always wrong.