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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Follow-Up

Well, the brouhaha about the Roswell rumor was expected by me (and others).

What wasn’t expected was the dissembling and silliness it provoked.

Let me try to clarify the issue(s)….

Anthony Bragalia and I have been friends for a while now. Whether or not that friendship is intact or continues is yet to be determined.

I have always supported Tony and have provided forums for his views, even when I’ve disagreed with his hypotheses: Wanaque and Socorro among others,

But I’ve placed his material online, verbatim, and with no editorial snippets.

I also put other contributors online at our venues: Jose Caravaca, Nick Redfern, Gilles Fernandez, and links to Paul Kimball’s Other of Truth output sometimes.

That I would place a submission from “Anonymous” about the so-called Roswell photo rumor goes without question.

Mr. Bragalia implies that I am “anonymous” and Ufology’s creep – Steve Sawyer – also suggests that. (You can spit on Sawyer’s comments. He’s on the fringe of the UFO community and eschewed by the saner members of that community.)

I am not anonymous. And if one reads the comments and knows the history of the “rumor,” they might be able to see who “anonymous” is.

(I always sign what I write, as RR, and have never used anonymous or noms de plume as a sign off.)

The other thing that stings is that Tony said I made up the material from “whole cloth” implying that I lied or created the story.

He knows that is not so and he knows the sources of the “rumor” – as Nick Redfern and especially Frank Warren pointed out.

Tony has asked me to delete the post. I will not.

I suggest that he or other members of Kevin Randle’s Dream Team tell me (and us) where the post is egregiously wrong.

That the information is out there – as a rumor or not – should bring forth a sally of correctives, not an implication that it is a tale told by an idiot.

If Mr. Randle’s Dream Team members have interacted with someone who says they have slides from Roswell in 1947, they should tell the UFO community that, now not later.

The gist of what those slides show can be displayed or talked about in the Dream Team’s time frame, but that they have seen or know about such slides can and should be detailed now, that I and anonymous, along with others, have spilled the beans as it were.

I am not beholden to Roswell, the Dream Team or even my friendship with Tony Bragalia.

I am beholden to information and the truth about that information as best as it can be discerned.

I haven’t made a mark as a media consultant by promoting falsehoods.

So, let’s see that develops further, if anything.

If the matter fades away, so be it. If it brings forth information that some in the UFO community finds interesting, so be that also.

But you have my statement(s) here, and I’ll let them stand, as part of the record, despite the pleas to have me delete them for the sake of some eventual Roswell denouement.