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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Paul Kimball counters Kevin Randle on Roswell Rumor


Click HERE to read Paul Kimball's account of the slide controversy; a truthful account, by the way.


Kevin Randle on Roswell "Rumor"


Jack Brewer of the Orlando Paranormal Examiner has provided a statement from Kevin Randle about the alleged Roswell "rumor" (of photos from Roswell in 1947).

Click HERE to read Mr. Randle's statement,


Research and Disclosure re: Roswell (and everything thing else too)

PBS aired a National Geographic special 9/25/2103 called Skeletons of the Sahara.

It involved dinosaur bone-hunters who discovered human skeletons in the area of the Sahara where they were looking for dinosaur bones.

This set them on a mission to determine what produced the raft of bodies and their unique burial procedures and when.

It became a new research project for the dinosaur bone-hunters.

The show followed the research process the hunters were engaged in, and ended with some conclusions and conjectures but nothing definitive. Yet the research was open and evolutionary, not secretive or under-handed. The researchers were anxious to disclose what they discovered and what they were doing to determine what they had found exactly.

It was an example of how research is handled by bona fide researchers – openness and disclosure of process even when final results were still to come.

Tony Bragalia provides his description of research in a comment at the post before this one [Follow-Up] and he’s repeated his description of research often to me and others.

But he’s wrong.

Moreover, he has pressed Battelle for years to disclose what that institution has discovered about nitinol or the supposed metal found amidst alleged Roswell alien debris.

Mr. Bragalia doesn’t allow Battelle the same delay that he insists the Randle Roswell Dream Team needs to determine the authenticity of supposed photos of Roswell bodies snapped in 1947.

Mr. Bragalia wants his cake and to eat it to, to use an old bromide.

I’ve gotten the impression that Kevin Randle’s creation of his ill-named group was instigated to cleanse the Roswell palate of all the errant information he and others generated over the years, an honorable attempt by him to right wrongs.

Carey and Schmitt are hoping to clear the taint their names have from their past Roswell mishandlings, but I also think they hope to gather some fame and fortune this time around too.

They, along with Mr. Randle are generally unknown in the public sector, and dismissed by many in the UFO community. So one can understand their desire to make a mark or leave a legacy.

(That they have spent personal monies in their endeavor doesn’t matter; no one asked them to do so, and they haven’t been forced to do so.)

David Rudiak is just a Roswell fanatic, unconcerned with fame or fortune – he’s just an inveterate Roswell junkie.

Anthony Bragalia has a desire to be known as a serious researcher of note, and has, for some odd reason, decided that UFOs and Roswell will produce such an encomium.

Chris Rutkowski is odd-man out – a guy with good credentials and wholesome credibility in the UFO community. (That he hasn’t jumped the Dream Team ship baffles me and others.)

That Mr. Randle hasn’t disclosed whether the rumored photo scenario is real or not also baffles.

It’s a matter of research protocol, despite what Mr. Bragalia intones. And to think that any new Roswell finds should be kept secret for a total, future revelation seems to indicate a mercenary purpose, which some critics have alleged in comments here and elsewhere.

Let’s hope that truth prevails and transparency rears its head from within the Roswell Dream Teams cloistered “research headquarters.”