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Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Roswell Myth? Yes, but….

Joseph Campbell, Mercea Eliade, Robert Graves, Carl Jung, Sir James George Frazer, et al. forcefully insisted that at the core of mythical tales lie a truth; what that truth may be requires exegesis.

Roswell’s incident is the core from which the Myth evolved.

Christopher Allan [CDA] thinks that Stanton Friedman’s interaction with Jesse Marcel Sr. in 1978 is the core event.

CDA may be right.

After all, the original 1947 “event” involved a press release about a flying disk which, at the time, was the sobriquet for strange things seen in sky or found on the ground.

In Roswell, some strange balloon debris was found by farmer Mac Brazel and ended up being the focal point of the media/military hullabaloo.

That debris, and its import isn’t exactly clear from the record, but it has flummoxed UFO buffs and researchers right down to today.

And it may be the mythical core.

But the myth that has emerged has got to start with Friedman and his ilk who began a propaganda campaign of sorts, indicating that Roswell was an extraterrestrial event, supported by a crashed flying saucer with a disabled and dying crew.

There is no evidence for that.

Well, no evidence but for the latest incentive: slides from 1947, ostensibly showing an alien body (or two), and which has been the stimulus for the recent online brouhaha here and across the UFO spectrum on the web.

We, who are UFO mavens, know, and many of us believe, that something happened at or near Roswell in or about July 1947.

What that was is an open and interesting question to some – Kevin Randle’s Dream Team and other UFO-ET believers and UFO skeptics also, who want Roswell to just go away.

Aside from the latest “evidence” – those alleged alien body slides and a rediscovery of debris metal, found by the Dream Team – I think Roswell 1947 is mostly the germ for the 1978 Roswell of Friedman and others who want it to be the smoking gun for the extraterrestrial hypothesis/belief of the Friedman generation of UFO researchers.

Even if Roswell involved a disabled flying saucer and debilitated crew, what does that have to do with UFOs today, and in the far, far past?