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Sunday, October 06, 2013

The Roswell Addiction

Even with the recent Roswell brouhaha, some of the so-called Roswell Dream Team members remain committed to its Roswell research.

And why not?

The Roswell Incident is so entrenched within the whole panoply of UFO lore that it can’t be ignored or dismissed by some (many?) in the UFO community.

The straggling remnants of Roswell that haven’t been adequately answered or addressed completely keep the matter vibrant for some UFO mavens.

But as we’ve seen with the recent Roswell slide imbroglio, Roswell aficionados really get worked up about the ongoing Roswell matter.

Roswell is addictive for those aficionados, psycho-dynamically so.

It’s not a mentally healthy situation but the devoted persons see it otherwise; they think that Roswell, if proven to be something extraterrestrial, will legitimate UFOs and their obsession with the phenomenon.

But showing the Roswell episode to be extraterrestrial is not only problematic, it’s loopy, in that nothing has surfaced which gives aid and comfort to the ETH or its proponents.

The ongoing perusal of Roswell detritus is obsessional, not forensically pursued. The purveyors of the Roswell alien scenario have nowhere to go to obtain proof of their bias or belief that Roswell was an extraterrestrial accident.

The evidence is not only skimpy, it is non-existent, and barely circumstantial.

But the Roswell-entrenched hope against hope that they will uncover new, startling information that confirms their belief – that Roswell had a flying saucer crash, with alien bodies, in its environs in 1947.

While Kevin Randle seems inclined to give up his compulsion to pursue Roswell, at least at the public level, his former colleagues – team members – are not so inclined.

Addiction: Strong dependence, both physiologic and emotional upon [something] True addiction is characterized by the appearance of am abstinence syndrome of organic origin when [that something] is withdrawn [or appears to being withdrawn] … An addict … is a person who, whatever the apparent reason, has become physically and emotionally dependent on [something – in this case, Roswell] so that he [or she] must maintain a certain level of intake of [the] substance [Roswell detritus]. Often, in addition, the craving for [Roswell] has a compulsive, overpowering  quality, and there is often the tendency to [get involved with] the substance [Roswell] in ever-increasing amounts. [From The Psychiatric Dictionary (with personal emendations), Fourth Edition, op. cit.]

So, one can conclude that David Rudiak is a Roswell junkie, who has, inadvertently or specifically, endowed the topic with an imaginative and creative overlay sometimes.

Tom Carey and Don Schmitt (and the curative Kevin Randle?) are just addicted.

Tony Bragalia has become hooked also, and he isn’t looking for a cure; he’s hoping for more dope.

Chris Rutkowski is not addicted, and we have no idea why he’s involved with the Roswell drugees.

But let me say that some UFO skeptics – unnamed here but known by readers – are just as addicted to Roswell, and often more so than Mr. Rudiak, or Mr. Carey, or Mr. Schmitt.

The “disease” is not infectious, fortunately, but hangs on with those named and others (unnamed) in ways that belie normalcy.

Will Roswell be cured? Will the addictees be cured? We hesitate to say either will be.