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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Ufological Bozos

It’s not only tiresome to read, at some blog venues (Kevin Randle’s among them) the ignorant and/or idiotic ramblings (sometimes ravings) of UFO aficionados about the open disclosure of falsehoods which Paul Kimball (mostly) and others presented in open forums, but it’s also maddening.

That society is suffused with ignorant, stupid people is a given, but those in UFO circles are the worst of the lot, in that they think they are intelligent and intellectually meaningful, about UFOs, ethics, morality, and truth (or lies).

Take a look at comments, written by persons with bizarre and funky pseudonyms, at Mr. Randle’s blog, Above Top Secrets site, or the Unexplained Mysteries internet locale.

And, of course, there is UFO UpDates which harbors the absolutely worst of the lots: Philistines flush with Neanderthalian observations.

Ignorant redundancies abound everywhere and even try to sneak in here, but we are
vigilant and stem the tide of moronic meanderings.

That e-mails from Kevin Randle were provided to the UFO community, after being given assurances that they would remain private, has the patina of what one expects in a lawyer/client relationship, or a doctor/patient relationship, and even in priest/confessor situations.

But the Randle e-mails fall in none of those categories, and required disclosure in light of the onslaught of spin and obfuscations that were attempted to be shoved down the throats of the unknowing UFO community.

Some Roswellian researchers, and you know whom I mean, tried to cover their asses and newly discovered information by pretending that there was no such thing as new information when, in fact, that alleged new information was leaked all over the place, to Nick Redfern, Paul Kimball, Frank Warren, and even me.

Should any of us, privy to the leaked, supposed new information, sit on it? I’ve provided my rationale for not holding information in secret, and you know my views, which are journalistically based, and Wikileak oriented.

Nick Redfern sat on the information because he had promised, not the originator of the disclosure he received but a secondary person who supplemented the original tale Nick was told, that he would hold it in private, which he did, until the matter ended up out in the open.

Frank Warren sat on his information; he didn’t want to get involved in a squabble with anyone.

Paul Kimball kept his Randle-provided insights and information, private from the get go, but let it loose when Mr. Randle, and others, pretended that there was no new Roswell information to impart.

This grated Mr. Kimball, who demands a truthful accounting of things in the public and private domains of life; his life is spent on uncovering truths, about art, history, music, literature, and UFOs, among other subsets of human existence.

But along comes a raft of non-players (Lord Jim, oh_marone, Lou Sheehan, Nitram Ang, et al.), far out of the loop, in this instance, offering panegyrics for Mr. Randle, in comments at his blog, while trying to smear Mr. Kimball, which stupefying asides that have nothing to do with the brouhaha, or ethical behavior; they merely wanted to assure their sycophancy for Mr. Randle, remained intact.

I like Kevin Randle, and I think Paul Kimball still does too, but Mr. Kimball was disappointed by Mr. Randle’s apparent duplicity, and I accent the word “apparent” here.

There was a pile-on of Don Schmitt also, but I know next to nothing about Mr. Schmitt or his alleged misdeeds of the past, so I have nothing to add here.

Tom Carey is unknown to me and wasn’t hit by the scattershot of scandal which seems to have wounded Mr. Randle’s Roswell Dream Team.

I don’t care whether or not that Dream Team hoped to keep their new Roswell finds private. The finds seem to be open, thus far, to debate and skeptical scrutiny.

What irks is the ongoing mental mendacity of those who wallow in the UFO topic and who have the intellectual abilities of gnats, but presume to address the behavior of a Paul Kimball or Nick Redfern, even that of Mr. Randle, without being privy to the whole story or stories.

The great unwashed are having a field day via Twitter, supported by news media and businesses, who keep asking for their input, as if anyone in media or business is really heeding the hoi polloi’s masturbatory outreach.

That the UFO community has always opened the door to kooks and fringers is known by readers here.

The UFO community is nothing without those kooks and fringers. UFO UpDates and the internet venues named above would be bereft of material without their solicitations.

But in the matter of disclosure, Wikileakian and otherwise, I am all for it, so long as personal information is not endemic to the disclosure.

Information about UFOs, or anything, should not be a matter of secrecy – even those disgorging spleen about Mr. Kimball’s disclosure of “private e-mails” belabor their angst and displeasure at the government or military’s attempts at secrecy about UFOs.

But stepping into the recent Roswell-slide imbroglio, without all the facts or background, making pronouncements about what is right or wrong, goes to the heart of ufology or UFO fandom: the topic and its pseudo-scientific sobriquet are the arena where bozos reside and pontificate, me among them.

It’s either laughable, or pathetic; take your choice.